Sunday, 12 February 2012

What to do with left overs...

No, I am not talking about the ones in the fridge! LOL!

I love gong on these big scrapbooking 2 day conventions that we have here in Sunny South Africa, but I am always left with tons of beautiful paper, embellies and general scrapping stuff (so generously added in by the sponsors) that I would not normally purchase and use on my pages.

So I have been wondering what you do with all your leftovers?

I have been working on the kits from the last convention in September 2011 as I did not actually attend the event as a delegate, I have changed a few things around and been left with TONS of spare paper.  Some I have done on purpose so that I can make an extra page cos the paper was so stunning and others, just because I am thrifty and can't cut into another sheet if I can get it all out of one page... These papers are beautiful, just not my style.

So here is my solution to this paper hording problem...CARDS!

I sometimes give my friends and family hand made cards in gift packs of 10, so I thought that I would set about seeing how many cards I could get out of what was left from the kits mentioned above.

So far I have made 2x  6"x6" cards as of last week with the Keizer Kraft paper left overs and another full double page, basic lay out and one Valentine from the Sizzix kit.

Today I sat down and have made 12x 6"x6" cards and 6x standard A6 cards from the Pink Paisly kit.  There is still one full 12"sheet left and some stickers, but not much else.  I am quite pleased with the result.

Thanks for the visit



  1. what a nice cards. I also use my paper left overs for cards or a mini album.

  2. What beautiful paper - too good not to use! Great idea too! Thank you for sharing x

  3. Gorgeous bella! papers are lovely xx

    Kaz xx

  4. Hi Bella,

    These are great cards!! Love how you used the papers.


  5. Bella hello...I love the idea of making card packs for friends, they look lovely...your desk also looks super dooper clean and lonely!!Lol if you are anything like me it is in a mess as soon as you sit and work again...Bella could you please tell me when there will be a scrapping convention in South Africa again? and if the public can attend ? I am planning a visit and would LOVE to come to a convention!!


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