Saturday, 28 April 2012

Class at the Scrapbook Factory Shop

Today was the day for me to teach my monthly class at the Scrapbook Factory shop in Salt River Cape Town.  I had two of my "usual suspects" (Laura and Barbs) Tim addicts just like me and two of my friends and a mom and daughter team.  Not a bad turn out for a VERY long week-end cos we had yesterday off for Freedom Day, schools get Monday off for no reason at all and we all get Tuesday off for Workers day on 1 May...Most people have taken Monday leave if their company has not closed too and left for the hills!
Laura and Barbs

Not sure where Lisa's side kick Alison was when I was taking these photos...think she was up in the shop, I did mean to take one when she returned, but alas, my head was in the clouds again by then!

Michelle and Emma, my mom and daughter team.

It was quite an intensive class starting at 9 and finishing at 1pm with lots of paper tearing, sanding die cutting, embossing, inking and distressing.

Thanks for a fun morning everyone.

See you soon



  1. looks like you had a hectic but fun morning....a very interesting project,,hope you have a restful long week-end..

  2. Hooray! "the Usual Suspects" appear to have a Cape Town sub-branch! Hope you manage to "Round them Up" a lot more often than I can get my lot together, B! (Will Mail you on your Query in a bit.)

  3. Love that layout and great that you are able to share it with others! That's the beauty of scrapping and chatting!

  4. Hi there
    I wonder if you could assist me, i am a manager at a daycare center and i want to start having workshops at my creche at least once a term for parents to join their kids on activities that they can all have fun. This workshop will not only be for my parents and children who are currently in my school, but for the whole community (or at least those who are interested). One of the ideas i have is scrap booking. Is there any chance that you could have a class at our school on a Saturday morning? Regards Chanti


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