Tuesday, 31 July 2012

PLAY with Tim Holtz goodness

I have had a wonderful play with Color Wash and Perfect pearls.  In fact my hands were pleasantly blue after I had finished...my friend Jen and I say we have ink running in our veins...well in that case I have blue blood! That's a good thing right? Wishful thinking on my part...

Here is my page, the one that is the second option for class on 25 August.  The other option is pink (as above) or a single page of either pink or blue.  I am trying to keep all my customers happy, those with boys, those with girls and those with no kids...

This started out as 5 sheets of White Bazzil card stock and look what we got now!


  1. Oh gosh these are lush! That pink is stunning and the blue looks amazing - funny how it all comes together with those sensational photos! Those in your classes are lucky indeed!

  2. ...gorgeous work Bella, superb inking in delicious colours a real delight to the eye...Mel :)
    Everytime I look at your header I smile, it's beautiful...x

  3. The pink is perfect.. the blue one too but I prefer girly colours ;) Amazing work ;)


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