Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Whats on my Workdesk Wednesday 190

I see with shock that it is Wednesday again!  This year is evaporating before my eyes and that is with every organizational tool being put to use and into action!

Here in South Africa the Summer hols are over and the kids went back to school last week Wednesday hence my absence from this grand desk snoop and visit.  This week things have gotten into a better rhythm and so I am BACK!

I have been a very busy bee and even thought to take a shot of my desk over the week-end after making a set of greeting cards as a gift form my good friend...see below.

Creating all of the above caused this ever decreasing space on my desk!  If I were in Hogwarts I would swear that someone had cast a shrinking spell on my workspace!

The picture at the top of the page is the one I took a few minutes before sitting down to post this...Can you tell what it is going to be?  A Pegasus...well it was...I had a query to ask if I could make 5x Pegasus 90cm tall (or bigger) 3D, in yellow, silver and white as table centre pieces for a grand horse race called the J&B Met.  I found the wings and wigs (which would have been the tail and mane)...but then I have not heard further from the person wanting this done, so here sits the roll of paper of a giant horse and some fancy dress costume which will just go into my growing costume wardrobe...

Below you can see my concept...

Well that's my desk this week I am off to see what you have put up on offer to be perused over at Julia's place at Stamping Ground.

Thanks for the visit



  1. Haa Haa! I recognised myself on your desk.....the ever decreasing piece of desk space!!
    Those cards are gorgeous Bella. Love the tones of colours there and great gift idea.
    That pegasus looks alot of work! Good Luck if they come back!

  2. Damn & Blast that Corporate "Savannah Montague-Mush" who (possibly?) wasted your time.... I have been really curious about Pegasus & his 4 siblings since we "spoke" yesterday! For now-- lucky gift-recipient of those cards-- I love the tin too!

  3. You are right you have been a busy bee and I am loving the cards and the tin
    Ria #92

  4. I am with Jennifer! I quit taking requests unless they are paid for up front then if they don't pick up then that's their issue. It irritates me how little people value other peoples time and efforts! Love the cards and tin. Beautiful job Bella! Thanks for stopping by my desk! Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  5. wow you have been busy and you have made some fab items especially the box. good to see you back.
    janet #30

  6. Truly, you see some amazing things on the desks of WOYWWers...I can honestly say that the Pegasus was a surprise, lol!! But it's brilliant :D
    Hugs, LLJ #37 xx

  7. Love the tin ! Hope it works out meeting next week ! Ali x #19

  8. Wow. Never expected to be seeing pegasus on a desk.
    Loved the gift tin for your friend. Excellent idea. The cards looked great.
    Happy WOYWW
    Alison #100

  9. Now I thought the first pic was just a glimpse of your angel wings. Gorgeous cards and love the tin. But I am in to tin at the moment. A little thank you coming your way.
    Sandra @67

  10. Great cards and tin. Such a shame that someone has let you down re 'Pegasus'. Sorry to be late visiting. Anne x #145

  11. super monotone cards and creations - BJ#27

  12. Hullo there Bella,
    Well first time able to get in here and do some blog hopping! We dont go back to school till next Tuesday or Wednesday we have a long summer break.
    Some lovely work going on here, just love it - and a Pegasus who would have thought .. I hope the person remembers they put this impost on you and your fine work will not be wasted!!!
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #58


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