Wednesday, 25 December 2013

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday No238? Christmas

Hello fellow Desker!  Merry Christmas to you!

Above you see my desk is in the throws of another Christmas Layout...(it is under there I promise!) I am trying to do this years photos as I am about 3 Christmases behind...there is also evidence of some gift wrapping and general chaos!

In my kitchen it has been a hive of baking and cooking...there is a 5 hour lamb in one oven and a gammon in the other (I have a double oven) Veg will be done shortly and my Mom and hubbies Mom will be joining us for lunch.  My Dad is due in 15 min for tea and other friends will pop in for mince pies this arvie.
My other desk this week.

Mince pies in the making!

Mince pies made with a friends mom's home made fruit mince and my gran's pastry recipe.

Banana breads made with my Gran's recipe.  A holiday food in our house. 

My gifts I gave to friends and family

My son last night at my MIL where we celebrate Christmas eve.  This was about 7pm and it was still warm enough to swim!

5:55am and he is checking all of Santa's hiding places!

Hope what ever you are doing today is special, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.


  1. Lovely to see how Christmas is celebrated somewhere hot!! It was hammering it down last night when we were at Julia's!
    Thank you for all the lovely comments and support this year.....sending big hugs fir a Happy 2014!
    LLJ 15 xx

  2. Those were the days celebrating christmas at the beach in Hong Kong many moons ago. At the mo we hre having a hail storm and it looks very bleak. Your banana bread looks delicious. Happy christmas. Francesca #18

  3. Happy Christmas Bella.Lovely pics, especially your son searching the tree. Your baking looks gorgeous. Warmest Christmas hugs, Shaz #14 xxx

  4. Your home looks so warm and inviting (and I don't mean the heat coming from where you live (grin).

    This very American gal LOVES mince pies made every year by her very British Grandmother. So, I hope you'll save me one.

    Merry Christmas and happy WOYWW from #1.

  5. Merry Christmas Bella! And this American gal loves the heat! Have a wonderful day. Thanks for the earlier visit! Warm holiday hugs. Nan G #3

  6. Seems like a nice warm Christmas! I enjoyed them -- but it was weird. Looks like alot of baking and holiday fun will be had..Merry Christmas! Brigita #23

  7. Yipeee! And actual workdesk filled with the usual chaos! How exciting. All your goodies being made in the kitchen sound so lovely. Yum! Yum! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! Judy #22

  8. Well as we said earlier talk about different to stormy wet Wales! Have a super Christmas break! Xx Ali

  9. Happy Christmas, Belinda. Thanks for visiting earlier - not sure how far ahead you are timewise - a couple of hours?? Sounds like ou have had a really busy family Christmas - wonderful - and imagine being able to be in the pool at 7pm - our local "paddling pool" on the beach front in Lladudno is currently out of action because of all the stones thrown into it by the HUGE waves the other evening - not to mention it being FAR too cold to paddle or swim!
    The nativity set isn't stamps - the tallest ones stand about 8 inches tall, and the set was made by my hubby about 17 years ago. It comes out each year as the centre of our Christmas decorations. I love it, and think it ought to be quite saleable - but it is currently UNIQUE!!
    we have celebrated Christmas Day on our own - only the second time in 42 years - but the WHOLE family arrive tomorrow - 2 daughters, 2 sons in law, and 5 grandchildren. Mayhem will ensue!
    Have a great time the rest of the holiday.
    Margaret #10

  10. How lovely to open presents round the pool! Does torrential rain count?!! You've been very busy..I notice that you poke a little steam vent in your pie tops...I'm gonna try that. And banana loaf, what a yummy treat. Happy Christmas to you, so happy to see your multi tasking desks!!

  11. Just can't imagine Christmas in the warm! I'm 6 months behind in my scrapping and plan to do some these holidays. Happy Christmas BJ#4

  12. Lovely tree. That bananna bread looks soooo good.The little pies are cute too. I've never had success with the crust.

  13. If just doesn't seem right to be that hot at Christmas, we have had terrible storms here with flooding, no electricity and people trying to cook turkey's on the BBQ .... Where there's a will and all that.
    Your desk is looking very festive and busy. Interesting to see English traditions featuring in a South African Christmas and the. Mince pies look yummy

  14. Lovely crafty -desk lovely mince pies and then I shivered at the thought of going swimming here in wet and windy England! Lucky you! Merry Christmas, Hope you have a fabulous one!!! Happy WOYWW!

    ((Lyn)) #30

  15. Merry Christmas Bella... Looks like you have been very busy... I hope you had a fabulous day.. We are away..will catch up when we get home xx

  16. I'm loving your desk with all its crimbo bits out for us to see, I can't wait to see the finished layout. Opening Christmas presents just after swimming wow it must be lovely and warm. Loving your gorgeous tags on your gifts they are awesome. Those mince pies look so yummy and the cake looks good to. So nice to see your lad enjoying Christmas, mine didn't wake up until gone 8am lol but I guess thats teenagers lol. Happy Christmas Woyww :-) xxxxx

  17. Such a lovely load of eye candy - oh to open presents by the pool! Fab - does a rainy Christmas day here substitute? I think not. Reading back it does seem you have had a challenging 2014 - may 2015 be better, seems you are due it. I love your pink streak - how sweet a reminder and it looks great too.

    Happy WOYWW Boxing Day!
    Mary Anne (waiting for the family clear out so I can clear up at #7)

  18. What a wonderful way to spend Christmas.
    Merry Christmas.
    Karin #31

  19. How weird, I followed your link as you didn't give a number, and ended up on Google where I clicked a post and commented, then came back to look at the rest of your blog (and follow) to find that must have been a very old post!
    Anyway the email and google think you are Pat from Texas not Belinda from SA, weird or what?
    Happy Christmas and WOYWW, lots of great baking there, and love the tree and swimming pool! My MIL is cut off by flooding and couldn't be fetched to dinner yesterday so today everyone has gone to try and get to her via a road that is supposed to be open, to take presents, leftovers and themselves! I am still in a lot of pain, my knee keeps giving way, slept in today and still not showered and dressed - that is next!
    Carol (Cazzy) x

  20. Hello Bella. I am on my way for a slice of banana bread. Not made any for ages as bananas don't last long in our house!
    Now the thought of spending Christmas in a swimming pool is one I could get used to instead of the cold and damp one we have here!

  21. Sorry Belinda, I realised the email got corrupted, and you didn't visit me in the first place - it was Pat! I have been to Pat's now.
    Cazzy x

  22. Your baking looks so delicious!I can almost smell it.Lovely post.
    Judy #11

  23. Your festive food looks fabulous! Don't think we could have opened out gifts by a pool, except of rainwater, lol! Happy WOYWW Helen, 6

  24. What a happy Christmas picture you paint there for us. Those mince pies look utterly gorgeous.
    Hope you have a wonderful new year.
    Hugs & Thanks for friendship via blogland.
    Neet xx


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