Saturday, 1 February 2014

Supreme Scrap Tournament: Card Challenge 1 Entry

Hi there
EDIT 2/2/14:  Due to the confusion about being able (not able) to use the shape of a house...I have decided to play safe and go with another heart shape instead so have changed my entry as above.

Last year on Facebook, I saw the opportunity to join in an international Scrapbook and Card Challenge, hosted by two ladies in Holland who called it the Supreme Scrap Tournament.

We had to get a South African Team together of a minimum of 10 members, which we managed to do!  We are a proud team of 12 from all over the country!  It has been really great to get to know fellow crafters better and hopefully those of us in Cape Town will get together soon to meet and craft at someones house.

If you want to see who is in the SA team, please go to Jeaunes blog as she has posted a list with links to everyones blogs.

Our first Challenge in the Card Diva Tournament was:

Make a ATC card where Home is the theme. 
It can be anything you want. It can be a welcome home card, a card about moving, a card with any quote on being/feeling at home or use the shape of a house.

- There has to be a title/quote/wish on the card

- You can not use any spray inks or flowers

- You can not use any kind of cutting machine

- You can not use any image with a house on it (that is a challenge huh!!!)

Here is mine in a step out of photos so you can see how I created it.

First I hand cut a heart from Kraft paper and a house from foam core board using a craft knife.  Then I covered the ATC base with a page from Anne of Green Gables. 
 Next I painted the heart (above) and the base (below) with Tim Holtz distress paint, as well as the little house.

 Above you can see the main pieces before I drew on the house and heart with a permanent marker and stamped an IndigoBlu flock of Birds on the base from their NatureII set with Archival Jet black ink.  Below you can see the depth of the house and the set of mini keys I added as well as the brads and hand sewing.

So this is my entry into the competition...
I am holding thumbs to get through to the next round...



  1. Very pretty I love all the techniques you used!

  2. Very cool Belinda.. Love it!

  3. Lovely!!
    Thanks for showing how you did it!

  4. very pretty love how the heart pops from the background!


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