Friday, 12 September 2014

How to cut just the wings of the Dragonfly die

I thought I would post this here as there was a question recently on the private CC101 Facebook page about how to cut just the wings of the die and the special plate required.  I don't have the special plate that Tim sells, so I just tape two of my cutting plates together with a gap between them, place it over the op of the die where I have marked the centre of the dragonfly to be able to line it up and send it through my Vagabond.

I then popped it into its matching embossing folder to emboss the wings and then make the body come to life.  I find I need to catch the paper to the folder in 2 places so it does not move while being embossed and then it stays lined up perfectly.

Above you can see the one on the left is plain and the one on the right has distress inks on it.


  1. Thanks for trying this out and sharing

  2. Bootiful Bella. Love that dragonfly.
    Thanks for your visits and kind comments. Don't think I am going to forget this incident. So gruesome!


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