Sunday, 31 May 2015

May tag of 12 tags of 2015

Talk about getting in just under the wire!  Here is my version of Tim's May Tag  it is not a tag at all, but rather a burlap panel which I have chosen to do rather than a tag as this photo is very dear to me and I wanted a more permanent way to display it.
In this photo, my gran is the girl on the far left at the age of 4.  She lived to be 99 and 3/4!  Gran ran a bed and breakfast establishment and used to proudly show her guests this photo every breakfast.  There were another 2 children born after this photo was taken as she was one of 7 children.
Now it has pride of place together with my other two panels done last year when Tim and Paula came to South Africa.


  1. What a wonderful way to remember your Gran.

  2. I absolutely "LOVE" your keepsake you made and yes....It goes perfect with you other two! I especially love the hinges and your floral cluster...
    Thanks for the visit!!!!!!

  3. what a great keepsake, love what you have done, do love the hinges they add something special x


  5. Hey Bella - I absolutely LOVE this - May is the only one I have missed so far :( Cx

  6. This is gorgeous Belinda. I loved the picture and the story behind it. I am always so in awe of how you so perfectly collage and arrange things together such that stuff that would otherwise be considered a random assortment, come together in a beautifully artistic, cohesive with feeling and meaning. I think I am a little in awe of you, but I think you know that already.....- candice- (tincan crafter)


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