Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's On my Workdesk Wednesday No321? Eat Desert First!

Hello fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.  Welcome to my crazy adventure where I taught fellow convention goers to eat desert first!

I flew up to Johannesburg to attend an event run by Cariena Basson with Frank Garcia from Prima Marketing.  More on him later and if you have the time, go to my previous blog post where I share my day with him.

Here I am with my Lemon meringue cocktail and my taster plate of deserts which I had as my starter (a thing I always do and am known for)

You can see the taster plate of starters for the rest of the table below, with my desert in the background ...just in case you did not believe me!  I kid you not!  Life is too desert first!
Below you can see us with our main course and our next round of cocktails.  Jen our gracious hostess and planner of the most amazing retail therapy day at 2 scrap shops is sitting front left, then opposite her is Caroline and behind Carolyn is Jo, both of whom flew up from Cape Town with me.  The event was fabulous, but Jennifer's thoughtfulness and overseeing of every minor detail made the week-end one that none of us Capetonians will ever forget.
Now you know a store is serious about your shopping there when you have a Q of grocery style shopping carts at the entrance...we don't have such things in our little stores in Cape Town!  So here you see me doing my best to just fill one basket at Aquila.

Below is a picture of me with Frank Garcia.  What an awesome teacher he was, I loved his class.
Caught in the act of eating desert first again on Friday night before Jen spoiled us with pizzas of every combination imaginable.  But then seriously?  Who could resist such a yummy treat as a chocolate cup cake?  Thanks to Jen's DH who thought of these!
I actually did do some work...this is my concentration face...
Finally, this is my take on Frank's project.
Franks sample project.


  1. Wow I LOVE your project!! ( shhhh but I like it better ) I dream of stores like that ! Ha Ha and why not eat dessert first - you might not have room otherwise. Have a great week! Soojay 27

  2. What a fabulous time!!! Your project came out great, and I'd have no problems filling a real cart (what is it with tiny baskets that can't hold a whole sheet of paper?) I wish I could eat dessert first; but then I'd be even larger than I am!

  3. Oh I really enjoyed reading this post! You look like you had a blast...what's not to like about cocktails, cupcakes, shopping and eating dessert first. Live life to the max!!!
    And I adored your project..the spirally trail of bling across the heart is inspired :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 16 xx

  4. Your post was a joy to read. All wonderful things in one place!!! Looks as if you had a wonderful time and your project turned out absolutely beautifully. Hope you have another happy week. Barb#33 xx

  5. You had a great time by the looks of it! Yes, eating dessert first does make sense. I never have enough room for a nice dessert....
    Your project is fab. Every bit as good as Frank's!
    Have a great week,

  6. Oh this is just wonderful Bella Absolutely love the project. My friends and I always split dessert and ate it first when I was working. My dear husband is diabetic so I can't do that anymore. I must say I never saw a dessert I did not like. I can't say that about rutabaga. Wow I cannot believe that store has shopping carts. Amazing !!!

  7. Hi Bella, what awesome artwork! Great idea to eat dessert first, love it. And you have cocktails! Aren't they just incredible, lol. Whoever said you should not mix your drinks clearly had never tried one! Also love your hair, from a fellow unusual colour fan.A craft store with trolleys- just how cool- and expensive- is that? Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #7 xx

  8. Such a fun post, I enjoyed every moment of reading it - I love the idea of eating dessert for a starter! I love that dinky trolley in the shop too, much better than a basket that doesn't allow you to touch things with both hands! It looks like a great time was had by all! Hugs, Anne xx

  9. ooh, dessert as starter... great idea - do you have another one as dessert too?! Great pics of your workshops, and I love the supermarket style trolley for the craft store (think what I could do with those!!) Off to read the other post now.. Helen 5

  10. I always thought that dessert first would be great, but at the CreativeEscape thing some years ago, I discovered that I can't. Don't like the anticipation of pudding! Looks and reads as if you had a fab weekend,allfired upand full of enthusiasm, how wonderful. Mr Prima seems a total sweetie!

  11. Looks like you had a brilliant time with your group of fellow creatives! Hope you get time to play with all the new stash you bought now you are back home! Ali xx

  12. Outstanding! Bella (Carolyn and Joanne) were an absolute pleasure to host. We laughed, learned, gossiped, shopped and generally had a marvellous time. Let's do it again sometime, Bella!

  13. Well, I saw your lovely project earlier in a post so I will comment more on the food fest your seemed to be having. A girl after my own heart, eat sweet first.
    Looks as if the food was magnificent - was a hostess you had to provide you with such goodies. Hope you carried on doing justice to the sweet trolley.
    Hugs, Neet 25 xx

  14. Great project and it sounds and looks like you had an absolutely fabulous time. i must admit to being a fan of Frank's blog.
    sandra de @37

  15. Wonderful feasting and crafty fun, Bella, my sister would agree on sweets first, but not I.. I love both :)
    .... wow can't imagine a store with trolleys like that!! Lovely creations too!! Shaz in Oz.x #6

  16. I love your theory of eating desert first. In Vietnam they do the same!!
    I would love to crafty shop with a trolley!!
    Great project.


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