Thursday, 11 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 12 " the 7M bar lounge"

This area is upstairs and has a very low ceiling so I was aware that people might want to pull on things if they looked too inviting (especially as this was a bar area and things get more inviting as the evening wears on...)  So I had to put things as high up as possible.
This was the original layout in my car port which had to change as the owners decided to add lighting to the wall.  This is in the pipes where you can see the white wires hanging out in the photos below.  I also then added all the extra fire hydrant handles which were not used in the projects downstairs due to the crumbling walls.
My son helped me for 3 days solid during the holiday and earned himself a tidy little sum of money...

 I will have to go back to this room and take more photos when it is finished.  The electrician was there during this week to install all the fittings.
 The design was originally only going to be on one wall, but I continued it round to the stairs.
 I had the signs printed at my local printer and used gel medium to apply them to the wall.
 The fire hydrant handles were purchased from a fire hydrant manufacturer and they were intrigued by the idea that I needed just the handles and when they heard it was for a steampunk restaurant they wanted to know if steam would be going through the pipes!  They could not quite get their heads round the idea that it was all for show and nothing but air would be inside the pipes...  of course the red handles got a good dose of gold spray paint!

I tried to make the pipe work look interesting without being too cluttered and added some signage to this wall to make it different from the work in the other rooms.

I made the giant leaver from a kids sand toy as seen under the triangular sign in the photo above.

The "radar dishes" were originally light fitting stands and I added the center pieces from the car shop in China Town.

The light fittings were used in alcoves downstairs.  Nothing was wasted!


  1. Wow!! you are the Queen of steampunk! what a great way to decorate a wall!! well done Bella! looks fabulous xx

  2. Your creativity is simply never ending! Fantastic display!
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