Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 4 "The mini Airships Gondola"

Before I vanished off the face of Blogland, I posted the birth of a mini airship here in May!  The body is made from two cupcake stands, a toy ice-cream cone ball game and a flying frizzby.

This post is about how I made her gondola.

I used an empty cool drink bottle and covered it in craft foam that I had run through and embossing folder.

I painted the whole thing black and then dry brushed it with silver paint.

The tail is an irrigation pipe joiner from one size pipe to another and I glued a toy spinning frizzbi to it.  I originally thought I would glue the gondola to the airship, as seen below, then changed my mind and hung it from some chain.
The nose is from the drain pipe department of the hardware store and is supposed to be the end of a down pipe.
 The netting is a left over piece of crayfish net from the 1/2 airship I am still to show you...
 The hooks on the ends of the dowels are from the Rope Store and are meant to have rope in them... Not that anything has been used for its original purpose in this whole project... I wasn't about to start now!
 Two different views of all 3 airships and how they work together.
Tomorrow I will be showing you the 3m half airship that has a light inside and hangs on the wall below this lot under the stairs!


  1. wowowowow - you are just inspiring! xxx

  2. Amazing work! Your creativity is simply endless!
    Paper Talk with Samra

  3. Thanks for sharing! It has been so fun to learn how these are made. Amazing creativity!

  4. These ships are really a work of art, truly amazing and thank you for sharing how you did them. Your "imagination station" (your brain) is amazing!


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