Friday, 5 August 2016

Steam Restaurant part 6 " The Map Wall"

At the end of June I took two weeks leave and started working at the restaurant.

The place is divided up into rooms.  Each room has a theme.  Today's blog post is about the travel themed room.

The map was already on the wall when they purchased the restaurant and so I had suggested they paint it the same colour as the wall and then I would dry brush it with silver paint and add an airship and a giant compass to the wall as well as some cogs.
I was originally going to cut stencils to get my designs on the walls, but then created stamps as they would be easier to apply and there would be no gaps in the designs.

I got hold of some children's giant floor puzzle mats and drew designs into the foam using a soldering iron, I then cut the excess away with a craft knife to make giant stamps.
 I tested out my stamps on a huge canvas on my desk which is 40"x 50" and I used both silver and bronze paint.  In the end I decided to only use silver for the restaurant.
I created a 1/4 of the compass design as it was huge and so I had to repeat it 4 times on the wall.  Thankfully my measurements worked out and it fitted perfectly into itself.  Below you can see me balancing on scaffolding while I try to line up my design!
 To get the wording on the compass, I cut a stencil on my Silhouette machine.  The points say, No where, Somewhere, Everywhere and Wherever!
Because of the silver and the reflections it is quite hard to photograph the whole wall.
These stamps are what I used to continue the theme into the bar area which is off this room.
I had great help from my son who was still keen to earn more holiday money.


  1. So cool! Absolutely amazing! Wow! What a lot of hard work you've put into this.

  2. Bravo! You put so much work into this installation and it shows.

  3. Just fabulous Bella Anyone would love to have a wall decorated like that.


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