Saturday, 9 September 2017

Steampunk head "Mind Blown"

Well hello

This is a creation for Truth Coffee...  I am busy with a series of things to go in the pods...

I started with a wig head and gave it a lobotomy.

Then I covered it in sticky backed foil pieces and outlined each one with a ball point pen then added the stitch marks.

I covered the top of the head with an embossed piece of sticky backed foil.

Once it was all covered, I added the black paint which I then rubbed off again to create the depth in the crevices created by the ball point pen and embossing folder.

I 3D printed some cogs and bought some men in kit form from my local rail road shop.  Sprayed them all silver and distressed them with black paint too.

I found an old blown light bulb which gave rise to this projects name:  Mind Blown! and placed it in the center hole which came with the wig head.

The last thing was to carve hollows for the gears to go into and glue them and the men in place.


  1. You blow my mind with your Art installations! I love seeing each and every one of them and you bet if I ever make it that part of Africa...I'll be making a trip to Truth!! :D TFS

  2. Wow this is a amazing, what a fabulous creation...x

  3. What an incredible piece of art this is!! I love everything about it, especially the people, they look so perfectly at home amongst the cogs! Truth Coffee must count their blessings every time you take a new creation in!! Anne xx

  4. That is really fantastic work Belinda. Your method is so simple, but truly, the end result is mind blowing. Well done.

  5. OMG this is just incredible. I love those little men. Your brain is just way to out there for me to even comprehend your process BUT I love the end result ... This is amazin. :D

  6. awesome and very creative, love it! Simply amazing !

  7. Amazing, fabulous and impressive. I love the idea of your project. What a fun idea to imagine the brain being filled with cogs etc and to have x-amount of small busy men for maintance. Gosh you are talented and very CREATIVE . Thank you so much for sharing your lovely art !
    Hugs from Monica


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