Thursday, 21 January 2021

Miniature train station by Hadry_DC for Lady Vagabond

Dear Reader

Today I share my Design Team member Hadry_DC's most imaginative train station where she has created a little mysterious  little world where Lady Vagabond is off on another adventure!
Here you can see Lady and Sir Vagabond waiting on the platform
Below we have Lady Vagabonds tiny (I would go so fare as saying micro) journal on the bench.
Sir Vagabond has a lovely little London parcel as well a hat box to carry for Lady Vagabond
What a cute little bench painted with Allegro paints
These tiny elements really are just the cutest little creations!

These close ups show how Hadry has painted the gear behind the clock as well as the pipes which adorn the station with the Allegro paints in black, turquoise, Terra de Ombra and Mattone to create an aged look.
Below we pan out again to see another view of the Travelers
I love how she has taken a toy train and painted it with the Allegro paints and added chipboards to decorate it and the station.  Her dry brushing technique is quite spectacular.  It makes me want to rush out and purchase a little toy train to give it a make over!


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Anne Redfern inspires us with her telescope


Dear reader

Today it is Anne's turn to inspire you with her creation for the Design Team!  I have put a few photos here for you to see, but here is the link to her personal blog where she will tell you more about how she created this masterpiece!

These are all the products that she used
I love seeing the before and after photos of the objects primed with spray gesso above and covered with Gold Cerantica wax below!

Thursday, 14 January 2021

Design Team Member Shamela Hendriks Travel Trunk

 Dear Reader

Shamela has created this travel trunk from scratch for your inspiration.  She has a video for you to see over on her YouTube channel.  Do go and take a look!

This is such a great piece to have on your desk or coffee table to store items in.

The handle is taken from the mould K3PTA484 and the whole trunk has been painted with Allegro Terra d'Ombra KAL106 and Nero KaL03 with Cerantica wax to bring out the details of the textures.
Here you can see the clear crackle paste and the part of of stencil KSG454 where she has just used the roses to create a pattern on the trunk.  
The handles of the drawers are from Mould K3PTA482 and give it a great industrial look.
I love how she used the back of the Airship paper to line the trunk, just like vintage suitcases and trunks used to have!
The "stickers" are taken from various sheets of the Sir and Lady Vagabond pads to mimic the way the trunks used to get labeled when they were used to travel on the ships around the world.
I think it is so clever of Shamela to use the gear mould as feet for the trunk which you can see below!
I love all the attention to detail and look forward to what Shamela will create to go in the "empty space" of this trunk next to the drawers...

Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Diysilart Design Team members creation for Lady Vagabond

Dear Reader

Today I have Silvia of Diysilart with her make over of a pair of binoculars!  I love this idea as Lady Vagabond has a pair hanging off her belt, so this is a very fitting piece to make over indeed!

Here are some close ups for you to see all the layers and moulds as well as the chipboards that she used.

First she gessoed the whole pair of binoculars...
Then she added rice paper DFSA4522 Strange London Guide over the gesso.  This is what is so lovely about rice paper is that it is so flexible and can be wrapped around just about anything!
Finally she added some points of interest by using the moulded items from K3PTA487 and painted them with Allegro paints to give a worn, aged look.  You can also see the giant metal gear in this photo above as well as some of the grey chipboards which she has painted to match.  Creating layered groups of objects is always visually pleasing to the eye. 
This strap is from her own stash of stuff, but adds a lovely detail.
Here you can see the Lady Vagabond herself in the form of a chipboard adhered to the binoculars.
This word Explore is from the greyboard laser cut outs and she has used the Turquoise glamour paste on it for a little bit of sparkle.
The key and chain are also from her own stash of stuff, but adds a gorgeous detail to the project.

I love the way Silvia has used the pop of turquoise to lead your eye around the whole project!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these photos and feel inspired to make over an object you have in your stash too!

Thursday, 7 January 2021

Olga Heldwein Design Team post for Lady Vagabond

 Hello there Vagabonders !!!

It's Olga here!  How are you guys on the New Year ??? I hope you all are fine and ready for Vagabond year as seeing your response to Vagabond lines I feel in my bones that it will be Vagabond Year.

For me it was the best paper line of 2020 and I'm taking it with me to 2021 and I have to say it will be very hard to "beat" that line for me as it have everything I could ask for and more!!!!
I have two inspirations for you today. First one is a card. I have made it for Lady Vagabond herself with stuff I got in my very first parcel from Stamperia so actually before whole line was out!!! I used  here all belts that you can fussy cut from line and I added some studs to make it look more "real" 
This card also have doors with opening all the detail is colored in Transparency piece that fits perfectly into doors you can cut out from paper. All the shiny stuff is Stamperia gold leaf on chipboard.
Lady Vagabond seemed to like card so I consider that one a successful piece!!! (I do not do lot of cards so I'm always stressed about pulling them off like I would like to )
My second piece is a lantern that I did and fully explain during extreme stream on Stameria that we did on 23rd of December . I used here all the houses you can cut off from 8x8 pad and my very favorite Cream paste from Stamperia. If you are curious about that piece check out live stream on Stamperia FB.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

How I made my book corset

 Hello Dear Reader

Today I am sharing how I made my book corset.

I was inspired by this amazing dress  by Sylvie Facon when I was designing the clothing for Lady Vagabond.

The trick was to create one for myself without sewing...

I had this black corset in my stash which I had purchased a few years ago with the intention of Steampunking!  So I hunted it down and set about removing all the frills (I am not really a frills person) then started painting it with acrylic paints.

I started with a plain base

Divided it up into "books" by using the bones of the corset to guide me and stated putting in the details like the book ribs and shadows followed by stencils to create the imagery like vintage books.

Of course the Supervisor was on hand to check up on my progress (or slow it down... which ever way you look!)
Below you can see the two side panels are finished and I need to add details to the center panel.
It is quite hard to photograph, so I tried it with and without the ribbons  as it does up with hooks and eyes on the side.

Close ups of the front and back sections.
I created a hat to go with the outfit by stenciling on the hat and then glued silk roses and greenery onto it too.
Here you see the full outfit!