Thursday, 8 April 2021

Shamela Hendricks created a mini album brief case


Dear Reader

Here is Shamela's mini album briefcase with pockets and mini books, flips and flaps to put your photos in, on and under!

Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Giant fob watch by Dawid


Dear Reader
Today it is Dawid's turn to inspire you with this giant fob watch.
He has filled it with the Lady Vagabond moulds and painted it using the Allegro paints and the background is ricepapers.  
Of course he has used his favourite vintage paste over the whole project!

Thursday, 1 April 2021

Olga Heldwein's Mad Hatter hat

 Is it a hat or is it a box ???

This is the hat Olga Heldwein made with her own hands and pad of paper from Lady Vagabond.

Its a wearable item, but can also just sit on your desk as fancy storage.

The books on the side work as tiny pockets for brushes or other artsy supplies and the top of the hat can be opened to put objects inside!

But the best part is Olga wearing it as the Mad Hatter herself...

Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Giant Lady Vagabond Egg by Belinda Basson


Dear Reader
Today it is my turn to share how I made my Lady Vagabond Egg as my Design Team post!

Below is a photo of all the main products I used, but I have listed them all at the end of this post.
I started with gesso and then while it was still wet, I pressed the crackle stamp into it to create texture.
Then I rolled out the Soft clay and pressed the texture impression sheet into it and cut the circles out.
I gathered up all the left overs and sprayed them with water and layered them all together, then rolled them out again, added the same impression sheet and cut them into strips to glue into the window.
I painted around the airship on the rice paper with water and tore out the ship.  Using Mix media glue, I adhered it to the egg.
While that was drying, I applied some Texture sand paste with my finger.
When it was all dry, I painted it with the allegro paints and Aquacolors.
I added the soft resin airship to the side and coloured it with alcohol inks.
To see the fast 12 minute video of how I created this from start to finish, you can click HERE

Products used 30cm tall egg from local craft shop Gesso K3P08N Texture Sand Paste K3P40 Mix Media Glue DC28M Soft Clay K3P44 Allegro Turquoise KAL25 Allegro Orange KAL08 Allegro White KAL11 Jewel Alcohol ink Turquoise KAD09 Jewel Alcohol Ink Blue KAD011 Jewel Alcohol Ink Brown K87AD012 Aquacolor Leather KAQ004 Aquacolor Aquamarine KAQ015 Moulds: Airship and lady:K3PTA4 Light bulb K3PTA486 Texture Impression sheet: K3PTA545 wings: KACM06 Big bubbles SBA398 Brads SBA402
Crackle stamp WTKCC183

Thursday, 18 March 2021

Hadry's Three Dimensional tag


Dear Reader

This is the fabulous three dimensional tag that Hadry created using Lady Vagabond chipboards, papers and the new clear printed acetate sheets.

The brads on the hinges look fabulous.

The Chipboards were painted with the Allegro paints and they look so old and textured under this acetate. 

Thursday, 11 March 2021

Shamela Hendricks made this elegant cupboard


Dear Reader

Today it is Shamela's turn to inspire you with her Lady Vagabond cupboard to house the mini album inside.

I love this group of chipboards that she put on the top to decorate it as well as all the moulded pipes and lights on the side.

The glitter in the Crystal resin looks amazing in this light bulb.

This is the A4 printed acetate that Shamela used in the doors.

Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Olga Heldwein's boat ballon

Dear Reader

Today is Ola Heldwein's turn to inspire you with this awesome Balloon Boat:

My boat obsession continues this time I made Hot air balloon with boat base as mood light.

It looks lovely in set up . Hot air balloon is made from tissue paper and it incorporates Lady Vagabond rice papers sewed into balloon base with some velum for sturdiness.

Inside we have string of fairy lights and when lit up it gives a nice subtle glow to whole space around. Base is built up from chipboard covered with paper scraps from 12x12 papers. Molds add a steampunk vibe to whole piece . I really appreciate fact that the collection is called Lady Vagabond you can use it to make also more masculine or neutral pieces .