Friday, 5 August 2022

Mitform Casting World globe canvas

 Hello there

Today I have the pleasure of sharing this canvas that I made using the gorgeous Mitform Casting pieces.
The base paper is from Lady Vagabond Lifestyle background pad which I glued ontot he canvas.  The globe is a half a Christmas ornament with loose gears inside like a giant shaker on the A5 world texture impression sheet by Stamperia.
The actual globe stand I 3D printed from a file I found online.

Below you can see the step out photos of the progress as I worked on the canvas.
I planned where I wanted everything and set about gluing it and then painting the greyboard.  I added the art stones and then the castings
Here you can see close up shots of the castings

Thursday, 21 July 2022

Mitform Casting Angler fish anvas

 HI there

I am so excited to share my first creative team piece for the Mitform Casting company.

I started with a base of an MDF angler fish from The Mixed Pallette

I used Finnabair rust paste on the metals and some liquid acrylics to achieve a lovely texture and rust effect.  I then did the same on the fish as you see below.

I spray painted all the stenciled items with black

After constructing it all together I played with various paint techniques to get the final look below

Thursday, 10 March 2022

Bella's Steampunk hat


I designed this hat for an in person class I am giving in Poland in the Middle of the month.  It has lights inside that illuminate the goggles and the top gauges!  

Mannequin for scale!


Thursday, 24 February 2022

Tamar's cat house


Tamar found this old clock body at a charity shop and decided it would make a great make-over as a cat house!

The door even opens which could be the perfect place for a mini album!
Materials used:





Allegro Paints

Gold and Silver Cerantica

Rice paper DFSA4650

Glossy gel K3P43

Mix Media glue DC28M

Grey board KLSPDA448

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Radovan's grungy box


Radovan has done a makeover on this box using stencils and rice papers.  I love the way he has bent the typewriter in the inside.

So grungy and delicious

List of the material:
Allegro: KAL20, KAL103, KAL25
Rice paper DFSA4651, DFSA4650, DFSA4646
Vintage Atiquining paste brown KAOLBR
Stencil KSTDL53
Transparent cracle paste K3P50

Thursday, 17 February 2022

David's layered Layout

Dawid created this amazingly layered layout with stencils and paper as well as chipboards and wooden shapes.  I especially love how he traced through the letters on the stencil KSTD042 with a marker.  This just gives it another dimension.

- „Lady Vagabonds Lifestyle” backgrounds paper SBBL100

- „Lady Vagabonds Lifestyle” 6x6 paper SBBXS10

- Mixed Media Glue DC28M

- Stencil KSTDL51

-Stencil KSTD042

- Crackle  Paste Transparent K3P50

- stamp WTKCC159

- „Lady Vagabond Lifestyle” die cuts DFLDC52

- „Lady Vagabonds Lifestyle” wooden shapes KLSP114

- Mixed Media Glue DC28M

- Cream Paste white K3P53

- Aquacolor turqouise KAQ018

- Aquacolor mahogany KAQ010

Tuesday, 15 February 2022

Shamela's working clock with album

 This is Shamela's two in one clock!  She made the base to make the working clock and then turned the top into the spine for a mini album!

So you lift off the "lid" to reveal the mini album inside full of places for photos.  

Products used:

SBBL82: Lady Vagabond clock paper and background for the top of the clock (lid)
SBBL100: Lady Vagabond Lifestyle background paper pack ( sides and inside album)
SBBS27: Lady Vagabond 8x8 (cover sheet and the books fussy cut to create a pocket)
KSTDL56: Stone wall stencil 
K3P38W: modelling paste white
KAL01 gold Allegro Paint
KAL03 Black Allegro Paint
DFLDC52: Lady Vagabond Lifestyle die cuts ( used on the envelope and belly band)
DFLDCB46: Lady Vagabond lifestyle elements 
DFLDCB18: lady Vagabond stickers
SBA417: Lady Vagabond Lifestyle clear prints ( belly band closure)
SBA406: metal gear used for page tab
DFPCA4G - off cut gold stone paper ( tab on flap)
SBA408 : Sir Vagabond clear acetate sheets (envelope)
DC31 & DC31M : Craft glue