Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 286? 2015 year planner and Happy Mail!

Welcome fellow Desker to my Happy Mail!  We have had a postal strike for just over 2 months...  Ali H posted me this mag, hand written letter (what a treat) ATC and stamp on 29 September and I got it yesterday, the strike is finally over!  Thank goodness, I was beginning to get a bit worried that I would never see it!  The postage alone cost her a fortune and so it would have been really sad if it did not arrive.

Then on the left of the shot you can see my current and 2015 year planner together with the workbooks from the free on line course (it was free then, but there are others for free right now on other topics, by other lecturers)  by April Bowles Owlin for creatives I did 2 weeks ago as well as my Edit your life for Beginners by Sage Grayson who I found while watching April's course!  These courses have been brilliant for me to try and get my creative life on track for next year.
Here is a double page I worked on during the week for a local competition.  We don't have snow here, so I don't have appropriate photos...  We were given a bag of stuff including the ready cut title and had to make a double page layout using only what we were given, though we could use punches...which I did to make the snowflakes as well as Tim's on the edge die for the snowflakes.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Planning 2015!

I have just purchased my A4 year planner for 2015.  It lives in my handbag (yes my bag is huge and doubles as my roving office)!  Don't lift it if you have back problems. (this health and safety warning should be printed on the outside)...

Due to the fact that Alison is closing the Craft and Scrapbook Centre at the end of this year, I will now be teaching my mixed media, card and scrap classes from my art Studio in Bergvliet as from 2015.

I am also looking at running on line classes and wondered what people would like me to cover.  If you have any requests then please let me know in the comments below.

The other thing I have been contemplating is teaching in other towns within South Africa or flying overseas and teaching in other Countries for that matter!  This has been a dream of mine for quite some time.  So, if you are looking for teachers for next year...lets chat!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 285? Demo tags

Hello fellow Desker from Julia's place.

Welcome to the chaos that abounds on my desk as I prep for my class on Saturday.  I am doing a demo class of Tim Holtz techniques.

I have just finished the sample tags and now have to put all the required inks, dabbers, applicators and bits into the plastic container in the top right hand corner of this pic.  Some of it is already there, I just have to die cut the keyholes and I am done!

Now I am off to see what I can see on your desk!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Mixed Media Canvas Class

Here is the finished canvas sample for the mixed media class I taught today to 8 lovely ladies!

It started with me making the flowers and the doilies out of plastic in molds which are actually meant for icing!  I used Smooth Cast to mold them and it sets in 10 min which suits my personality!  I hate having to wait for things! LOL!
This is how I designed it:
I set about cutting up a piece of Pinkpaisly Butterfly Garden paper and re-organising it on my canvas so the dark print was on the inside.
Then I layed out the embellishments and glued them down before adding gesso round the edges of the canvas to soften the pattern.
Here you can see my students starting to add the distress paint to the edges and archival ink through the stencil.
These are 6 of the 8 finished canvases where you can see how they changed things up a bit to suit themselves!

Sunday, 9 November 2014

October Tag for Tim's 12 Tags of 2014

This is my take on Tim's October tag for 2014. is not a tag!  For two reasons:
1)  We are now at the end of Spring!  So fall leaves are not appropriate, but bright colours and spring insects are what are happening in my half of the world.
2)  I don't have the leaf die and embossing folder, but I do have this delicious dragonfly!  However, he does not fit on a tag, not even remotely...I know Tim trimmed his leaf, but I would have lost too much of the wings to make this a tag.  So it is now a canvas!
 Here is a size 10 tag with my distress paint embossed as per Tim's instructions.  Seemed a pity to hide all this yummy marbled paint, so I die cut a smaller dragonfly out of the extra bits.
 Here is my desk when I had finished...Serious shrinkage from 24"x24" down to 6"x6"!  How does that happen?
 I have sticky embossing powder, but I did not have silver foil, only gold so I opted to use the new Distress stain spray in brushed pewter.
 The leaves are off a cheap set of ear rings and I rubbed some blue distress on them to tone down their brightness.
 A close up of the dragonfly so you can see the silver splatters.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday 283? Molds and test runs!

Hello Fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.  Welcome to my desk on this Wednesday!

Here you see me in the throws of testing a new product I came across at the same Hobby expo where I found the leather you saw on my desk last week.

I went to their factory yesterday and spoke to the most helpful lady behind the counter.

I am wanting to make my own molds from old cogs from my printer and other interesting keys etc for my canvas classes.

While at the Hoby expo, I also found lovely silicone molds, made for icing in a baking mind did flick flax and I could see the possibilities of making items for mixed media and canvas art.  The question was with what medium...
The lady at AMT explained their various products and we came to the conclusion as to which one I needed and I spent some time yesterday afternoon playing with the Smooth Cast.  It works like a dream and sets in 10 my impatient side is very happy!

I have not had a chance to play with the mold making stuff takes 6 hours to cure, so I thought I would give that a try this morning and leave it on my desk to set while I am at work!