Wednesday, 11 November 2020

My very own Design Team Launch!

Dearest Readers

It is with great excitement that I share my very own design team with you!

At the moment it has the nickname Lady Vagabond Design team, but you will notice that the official name is Belinda Basson Design Team with Stamperia as hopefully I will design a few more lines for Stamperia in the future!

I have started a Facebook group called Belinda's Creative Inspiration for Everyone for you to join... you just have to answer once question to get automatic entry to the group!  I look forward to seeing what you create with my Lady Vagabond and future lines with Stamperia!

In Alphabetical order here are the links to these incredible creative people:

Anne Redfern:  Instagram  

Crea Red:  Instagram

Diysil Art:  Instagram

Hadry DC:  Instagram

Olga Heldwein:  Instagram

Shamela Hendricks:  Instagram

There is a mystery person joining the team at the end of February which is something to look forward to!

The first post will be 8 December, starting with myself and it will roll from there with a post every Tuesday and Thursday!

In the mean time I hope you go and follow the team on their various platforms for amazing inspiration!

Thursday, 5 November 2020

Lady Vagabond Suitcase


Every Vagabond needs a Suitcase

So I set about making one for my Lady Vagabond using one of the Stamperia blanks KC56

I started by priming my whole case inside and out with Gesso K3P08N, then I painted the outside with Allegro Terra d'Ombra KAL106 brown and sprayed the inside with Aqua Colors Turchese (Turquoise)KAQ018, Cuoio (Leather) KAQ004 and Verdone (Dark Green) KAQ001.

When everything was dry I used Antonis compass stencil KSAT15 on the lid of the box using Allegro Cuppuccino KAL90.  Stiking to the same paint, I then stncilled he rest of the box using the new Once Upon a Time stencil KSTDG06 and Classic Wallpaper KSTDG07. For the locks and the finishing touch round the edge of the lid I used my stencil called Luggage KSG455. 

I poured some Polyurethane resin into my moulds "Fly Machine" K3PTA482, Locks K3PTA484 and Antonis mould K3PTA488 for the saying under the handle "This way for Adventure" then painted them with my "Rust combo" Allegro Mattone KAL20, Arancione KAL08 and Terra d'Ombra KAL 106.

For the verdigris look I added some Turchese with Texture Sand paste K3P40 and a little dark green Aqua Colour mixed together.  For the final accent I added some copper Cerantica wax on the right hand side of all the raised areas.

I also used one of the greyboard KLSPDA413 laser cut clock parts as a base under all my resin pieces and painted this with all the colours mentioned above.

The inside of the box was finished off with some of the paper from the 12x12 paper pad. SBBL82

Monday, 2 November 2020

Exciting times ahead!

Dear reader

I know I have been sporadic at most during the past year and a half in posting here, but for good reason... Having moved countries and set up home in early 2019, I then set about finding my way around the craft world of Europe!

I was invited to become an International Teacher for Stamperia and then to be one of their new product designers!  All in the space of the last 6 months!

It has been a crazy ride and finally I have been able to share all my new designs with everyone.  My new line is called Lady Vagabond which goes together with Antonis Tzanidakis range called Sir Vagabond...

The products will start shipping from mid November and should be in the shops world wide by the end of the month!

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to see what people create with my line of papers, moulds and stamps etc...

These are my suitcases which I use for craft storage in my lounge... 
I stacked them and drew them and turned my drawings into stencils and images for the papers as seen in the double page spread below!

It is truly a surreal feeling to be finally holding my products in my hands!

I look forward to sharing projects with step out photos here in the weeks and months to come.