Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Anne's Book nook


Hello!  Anne here, This month I created a Book Nook (Definition - A book nook is literally a miniature world tucked into a book shelf between your books), set in London in Victorian times and you can see by the sign that she is the owner of a pub!  And of course, the book nook lights up too...

Note from Belinda: Below are only the photos of how she made it, for the full explanation, please go to Anne's blog:  

Stamperia Products Used:

Stamperia Lady Vagabond 8" x 8" Paper Pad SBBS27

Stamperia Lady Vagabond Rice Paper White Flowers DFSA3083

Stamperia Lady Vagabond Die Cuts DFLDC27

Stamperia Lady Vagabond Flying Ship Stamps WTKCC190

Stamperia Allegro Paints - Milk White KAL110, Brown KAL106, Grey KAL73, Black KAL03, Rame Metallic KAL117

Stamperia Cream Paste - K3P53

Stamperia Extra Forte Glue DC075

Stamperia Shrinky Bits (Shrink Plastic) - DFSBA4W

Thursday, 14 October 2021

Dawid's winged door canvas

Dawid has given the doors wings... I wonder where one would be transported to if you stepped through these magical doors?

As always, Dawid has created the most wonderful layered canvas as his inspiration piece for his Design Team post.

Rice paper DFSA3084

Mix media glue DC28M

Allegro paint White KAL11

Stamp WTKCC182

Aqua Color Turquoise KAQ018

„Lady Vagabond” papers SBBS27

Glossy Gel Heavy Body Paste K3P43

Pasta Scultura K3P52

Stencil „Sir Vagabond: KSAT12

Die Cuts „Lady Vagabond” DFLDC27

Maxi Mould „Lady Vagabond” K3PTA482

Maxi Mould „Lady Vagabond” K3PTA485

Texture Impression K3PTA538

Texture Impression Pipes K3PTA571

Wednesday, 13 October 2021

Radovan's dimensional card

This is a wonderfully dimensional card created by Radovan for his Design Team post.  He really is the master of cards!

Enjoy the close ups below of the details he included.

Paper pad 20x20
Metal fantasy SBA380
Leather aqua collor
White gesso K3P08N
Stamp WTKCC198

Glue DC31 

Thursday, 7 October 2021

Olga's book of spells

Olga here!

Last time when you were here, my very Talented teammate Samantha Thompson took her for a witchy adventure. Her project was just genial and so clever. I have to admit I saw it ahead  and Spooktober always makes me think about spells and more Haloween-ish themes but as last time I did a darker project this time I went softer. 

I turned one of my notebooks into book of spells with rice papers elements from paper line. My witch accent will be just tiny bottle with secret potion. I was super happy with finding that on one of clocks are tiny number that would fit perfectly on that vial. Small dimensional pocket watch frame is very sturdy - I cut it from same paper as tiny numbers and one of clock faces but as its quite 3D I backed it up with acetate to make sure it will not get ripped off from cover easily .

A4 Rice paper packed - Lady Vagabond London

CME Code: DFSA4523

Scrapbooking Pad 10 sheets cm 30,5x30,5 (12"x12") - Lady Vagabond

CME Code: SBBL82

Die cuts assorted - Lady Vagabond


Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Samantha's Apothecary cabinet and spooky Lady Vagabond.

Today Samantha has a spooky Lady Vagabond that she created using a doll and an apothecary cabinet which she filled with so many awesome things!
I love the lights she added in the cauldron and the glow in the dark stuff in the bottles.
Above you can see a "spooky" Supervisor created with layers of the clear acetate backed with silver foil.
The London scene on the back of the cabinet looks amazing.
So much eye candy on the front of the doors too.

Lady V Paper pads 12x12  SBBL82
8x8 SBBS27
A3 Voyage Fantastique rice paper DFSA3032
Grey Board small gears 
Lady V die cuts DFLDC27
Lady V clear die cuts
Keys and locks mould K3PTA485
Heavy body glossy gel paste K3P43
Vintage Antiquing paste KAOLBR
White Modeling Paste K3P38W
Extra Forte glue DC07GN
White Gesso K3P08N
Mixed media glue DC28M
Colla Vello glue DC29G
Allegros  Earth brown KAL106
Brick red KAL20 Blush KAL44
Cerantica Copper K3PJSR

Bronze K3PJSB 

Thursday, 30 September 2021

Guest Designer Post by Christiana Walter

Today I have a guest designer, Christiana Walter who has made this tiara which is wearable using the moulds from Lady Vagabond.

I love how she has cut the lock and used it on its side on the base of the tiara and used the angel and devils face from the door plate mould as the main center piece.

Then of course she has poured only the spines of the wing mould so that it is just a skeleton of the wing which gives it such a light and airy look.

 Products used:

Mould: Lady Vagabond keys and locks K3PTA485

Mould: Lady Vagabond fly Machine


Mould: Lady Vagabond belts and fasteners



CME Code: KAQ017



CME Code: K3P28G


CME Code: K3P15L



CME Code: DC07GN

Tuesday, 28 September 2021

Snow Globe by Belinda Basson

The stores are already starting to put out their Christmas stock here in Berlin... Some of them are trying to get rid of last years stuff that they were stuck with due to Germany going into sudden lock down the week before Christmas... so there are some nice bargains to be found...

I came across this DIY snow globe kit  and immediately knew it would be great to make it over Lady Vagabond style!

Here you can see where I used a tiny saw to cut the car and house away from the frame.

Then I set about cutting some 8x8 paper with the houses to fit the back panel and painted the others with Allegro paint to look like trees, snow and clouds.

Once this was all dry, I sprayed the back of them all with Turquoise Aqua Color.

I then put it all together using the spacers provided

Finishing it off with the die cuts and the lock from the top of the 12x12 suitcase page.

Products used:
Allegro: Turquoise KAL25, White KAL11, Aviation blue KAL42, Nature Green KAL30
8x8 Lady Vagabond paper pad SBBS
12x12 loose sheet SBB759
Chipboard die cuts DFLDC27

Friday, 24 September 2021

Olga's double page spread


Hello There, Olga here!

We entered Autumn and that means we are getting closer to my favorite time of year Halloween-ish time. I enjoy heavier and darker side of crafts and realized I didn't do a single darker project with my beloved Lady V collection !. Started piece with intention of double page spread but when I started to build all layers it took completely different tour but I'm super cuffed with final outcome !

To embellish my page I used elements cut out from 30x30 paper pad, acetate, and some wooden shapes. For sentiment I used single words from Journal mould .

Thursday, 23 September 2021

Tamar's Giant tag

Hi there, Tamar here... For September I made a tag, using lots of moulds from Lady Vagabond as well as Sleeping beauty which I covered in bronze Color.

For The background I did a crackle technique and on Lady V herself, I used Allegro paints.

List of products:
KE07M country style crackle
K3P50 crackle paste transparent
K3PTA498 mould
K3PTA487 mould
K3PTA571 mould
K3PTA482 mould
K3P15R cerantica
KEN12 Resin
Allegro Paints.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Shamela's book cover


Below are a few step out photos to show how the cover started off before it became this masterpiece!

I think the photos are quite clear as to what she used and the steps she took... Then she got carried away and forgot to take more process photos... as one does!  LOL!  This has happened to me too!

here are some close ups of the finished details of the book cover.

Products used:


KAL: 106 Terra d Ombra
KAL: 11 white
KAL25 turquoise 
KAL 20 mattone
KAL 01 gold 

K3P50 white crackle  paste 
K3PTA571 Lady Vagabond Pipe mould 
K3P15G gold
K3P15T turquoise 
K3P15R  copper
K3P15S silver
K3GGS04 Glamour sparkles burnt umber
DC07GN extra forte glue
KE48M extra gloss finish
KAOLBR vintage paste
KAQ 018 aqua color turquoise 
Sir vagabond stencils:
KSAT14 the traveler 
KSAT 16 wings 
KC85RG Gold stone paper note book
DFLDCP02 Lady vagabond Clear die cuts
DFLDC27 Lady vagabond die cuts 
Glamour pigment: 
KAPG02 gold
KAPG 06 ancient pink
SCB 22 decorative clock chippy