Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Steampunk creations for Truth Coffee

I know I have been a bad blogger... real life just keeps getting in the way...

I have just done some samples for Truth Coffee Roasting to see if they want to go with a Decor theme in their "pods" as I call them.
I made a fake cake, a mechanical hand, an airship and a hat of course!
There are quite a few of these pods (11) grouped together and currently house the products they sell.
I had fun over the week end making the creations to trial run in them.
I was restricted by the size of the pods which was interesting to say the least as I usually create quite freely and with gay abandon... this restriction caused some brain scratching...

First I went shopping and bought some blanks

Then I started working on my ideas

And finishing them off

Then it was onto the cake...
I got some thick cardboard and cut and glued the sides onto the cupcake stand to make it into a cake.

Then I spray painted it copper and punched some paper strips. Made some paper roses and polyurethane stuff which I also sprayed copper.

The finished fake cake!

The mechanical hand has a 3D printed winding mechanism and eyelets with cogs and chain as well as a 3D printed submarine for good measure...