Tuesday, 31 July 2012

PLAY with Tim Holtz goodness

I have had a wonderful play with Color Wash and Perfect pearls.  In fact my hands were pleasantly blue after I had finished...my friend Jen and I say we have ink running in our veins...well in that case I have blue blood! That's a good thing right? Wishful thinking on my part...

Here is my page, the one that is the second option for class on 25 August.  The other option is pink (as above) or a single page of either pink or blue.  I am trying to keep all my customers happy, those with boys, those with girls and those with no kids...

This started out as 5 sheets of White Bazzil card stock and look what we got now!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Whats on my workdesk Wednesday 164? ATCs

A few weeks back it was the 3rd blogaversary of WOYWW and Julia organised an ATC swap.  Now some of us did extras and so there were more than just one per person flying around the world.  I have finally got my A into G and posted out the last 4 as somehow the weeks have evaporated and getting to the post office seemed to be the most elusive task on my list of things to do...
So on my desk today is the usual clutter round my pink mat (I try and keep it clear between projects...) and my ATC file.  I have used one of the rugby card collection files that the kids are all mad about here in SA at the moment and taken out all the the rugby covers etc and put in my own.  It is the perfect thing because the rugby cards made for it are the same size as an ATC.  I have seen a similar file for soccer cards too for those of you looking for one in countries that don't play rugby...

Thats me for this week folks, now I will head over to Julia's place to see what I can see on your desk today (or maybe tomorrow - time is not my friend at the moment)


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

What's on my workdesk Wednesday 163? Stash!

This picture above was my travelling kit (even I was impressed with how little I took)  for our 10 day holiday to Knysna and Bedford.  Places most of you will never have heard of if you don't live in South Africa.  Knysna is where my hubby goes to ride a mountain bike race about a 6 hour drive from Cape Town where we live and then on to Bedford which is a further 6 hour drive to my Brother in Law's farm up in the mountains.

On route from Knysna to Bedford, we passed Jeffrey's Bay where a friend of mine (who happens to have the same surname - flook I promise you) Carina Basson owns the most amaizing scrapbook store called The Scrapbook Studio where my dearest hubby splashed out and bought me the stash in the photo below.  So then I was really kitted out to create while on the farm! 
Needless to say, I did a lot of creating while I was there and now that I am back home I have just unpacked it all over my desk and need to put it all away so I can find my pink mat underneath again to be able to craft some more!

Now that you have seen my desk, I am off to see if I can find your desk over at Julia's place called Stamping Ground where even though she is not there at the moment, our world wide desk snoop continues!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

CC101 Seasonal Distress Palette Challenge

Having done the CC101 course, we now have a group on FB that host challenges and the like...this one is to use the Distress Palette of any of the special edition Seasonal colours.

I have just received my Summer colours courtesy of Ranger and their generous prize for me commenting on their release of these yummy new colours.  The picked Raspberry really is just so vibrant and tangy.  I cant get enough of this colour.  

Here is my entry with two of the CC101 techniques on it and I used the Summer colours.

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WOYWW 161 A Mess and July's tag

Hello there fellow Wednesday (and latecomers also welcome...) Stamping Ground Desk Hoppers.

I have been a busy bee this week.  I made another Anna (Finnabair) inspired canvas triptych (faint, she even took the time to come look at it and comment - I am so stoked) and then Tim posted his Tag on the 1st for the month of July which is all abut today being 4 July so Happy Independence day to any American friends popping by.  I changed mine up to make it about our special day here in South Africa in April called Freedom Day so my July tag is a bit confusing cos it says APRIL all over it...go figure.

Above is the panned out view of the chaos on my desk and below is the close up so you can scratch through all the things I have been trying and testing and playing with for this tag...
Now I am off to see what I can see on your desk if you have linked up to Julia's desk over at Stamping Ground where she patiently oversees about 200 odd desks and tries to keep us all in line.

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Tim's Twelve Tags of 2012 - July

Ok so just as 4 July is a big day in America, so is 27 April in South Africa 'cos that is when we celebrate Freedom Day to mark the day ALL South African's, no matter what colour, race or creed could vote for the first time since the abolition of Apartheid.

I would really have liked to use an image of Mandela, but I have not seen a stamp of him before...so I used our next best and most well known image/icon of the African Elephant.  You know he is African elephant because he has the larger rounder ears, unlike his cousins in India who have smaller more angular ears as on Tim's set of stamps...but I digress...

This is my take then on Tim's July tag as seen HERE.  I have used the same techniques, only different colours to represent our nations flag.  On the ribbon I stamped Greetings from Africa, just in case the sight bleeding in the ribbon has made it hard for you to read.

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