Wednesday, 30 January 2013

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 191? Gifts and a fellow WOYWWer!

Hi there fellow Wednesday Desk Hoppers!

I Have met my first fellow WOYWWer in person here in South Africa and it isn't even a fellow countryman!  No!  It is Ali H all the way from Wales!  She is here on business and let me know when and where she would be and we managed to coincide our free time to go shopping and have a chinwag over some coffee in the HOWLING South Easter that blows here in the summer.

First on our list of things to do was go scrap shopping and so we hit one of our largest stores, the Scrapbook Factory Shop, to see if we could get something South African that it not available overseas and we did!  Then it was on to the Waterfront to go gift shopping and have some coffee.  Finally 3 hours later I had to take her back to her hotel so she could meet up with her fellow countrymen  to go to dinner.  We managed to do quite a lot in the 3 hours but are meeting up again this evening which I am really looking forward to.
 Here we are in The Scrapbook Factory Shop in Salt River above and at the V& A Waterfront below where bronze elephants roam...
 This is Ali's very generous gift to me below and the photo of my desk at the top of the page is what I have been doing with it all!

Now I am off to go see what's on your workdesk this Wednesday at Julia's place over at Stamping Ground where she hosts this world wide desk hop and snoop!


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Designing projects for classes

I had a wonderful Sunday sitting at my desk pepping kits for classes and designing the next batch of classes for my Store.
Here is one of the projects I am doing in the Card class on 9 February.  Valentines is just round the corner!  I haven't quite got over Christmas yet!  I feel like this year has a speed wobble already!

Thanks for the visit


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Whats on my Workdesk Wednesday 190

I see with shock that it is Wednesday again!  This year is evaporating before my eyes and that is with every organizational tool being put to use and into action!

Here in South Africa the Summer hols are over and the kids went back to school last week Wednesday hence my absence from this grand desk snoop and visit.  This week things have gotten into a better rhythm and so I am BACK!

I have been a very busy bee and even thought to take a shot of my desk over the week-end after making a set of greeting cards as a gift form my good friend...see below.

Creating all of the above caused this ever decreasing space on my desk!  If I were in Hogwarts I would swear that someone had cast a shrinking spell on my workspace!

The picture at the top of the page is the one I took a few minutes before sitting down to post this...Can you tell what it is going to be?  A Pegasus...well it was...I had a query to ask if I could make 5x Pegasus 90cm tall (or bigger) 3D, in yellow, silver and white as table centre pieces for a grand horse race called the J&B Met.  I found the wings and wigs (which would have been the tail and mane)...but then I have not heard further from the person wanting this done, so here sits the roll of paper of a giant horse and some fancy dress costume which will just go into my growing costume wardrobe...

Below you can see my concept...

Well that's my desk this week I am off to see what you have put up on offer to be perused over at Julia's place at Stamping Ground.

Thanks for the visit


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

CSI Case File No.53

Well over at CSI I have been put on the watch list for the last case which was my Christmas LO.  I am truly honoured to be selected.
Here is my latest offering for case file No53

My Evidence is flowers, scallops and teacup accent

My Testimony is Recipe journaling which in my case is more of an explanation than a recipe...

I really enjoy these challenges as they make me scrap stuff out of the ordinary for me.

I hope to keep up the weekly challenge as often as I can this year.


WOYWW 188? Crop stuff

Hello fellow Wednesday desk is my desk after going crafting at a friend last night.  My tote and my bag of papers to make cards.  I thought I would get tons done, but I travelled too punches, embossing folders, inks...I learned my lesson!

I got 2 and a half cards done in 2 and a half hour a card...not bad I guess considering we chatted and sorted through our stuff...but man that felt so unproductive.

So that's my desk this week, now  I am off to see yours over at Julia's place called Stamping Ground where she hosts this huge desk hop and snoop!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Be still my beating heart!

Tim has done it again!  Just when I thought he had invented all the most incredible things imaginable...he goes and creates Distress Paint...FAINT!

I can't wait and the colours...I need all 24!

Aren't they just delicious?  You have to go to his blog HERE to see the video, this stuff is AWESOME.


Wednesday, 2 January 2013

What's on my workdesk Wednesday 187? Nothing!

Hello fellow desk hoppers.  I am in Julia's camp when it comes to knowing what day of the week it is...all these holidays are doing my head in as it feels like Monday all over again!

Well I have a clean desk to show you!
My Tim tag that I made yesterday is already hanging above me (like looking for a needle in a haystack I know so I have given you a close up of it so you know what you are looking for - its only fair!) and even my desk to the right of me is clear as seen below! I often use the eCraft cutter as a dumping ground.
I had a bit of a re-arrange of my stuff on the week-end when I added the top row of shelving to my ever growing storage compartments to house my Sizzix dies.  I had them in one of the drawers but they were hard to see what I had so they are now easy to reach and I can see what I have got.  If I can see it, I will use it!
Good thing I am 6ft tall and can reach it...don't think I can add another row though...and yes the S is cut off in this photo which makes for a more appropriate title...

Now I am off to see who else has remembered that it is Wednesday over at Julia's desk.

Thanks for the visit.


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Tim's 12 Tags of 2013 - January

I cannot think of a better way to start the year than with a tag from Tim Holtz!  He started this new tradition last February instead of the 12 Tags of Christmas in December and is continuing it this year too!  I am doing such a happy dance!  It is like having a gift to look forward to at the beginning of each new month! Kind of like Christmas the whole year through!
Tim's tag is at the top of the page and mine is below it.  For once I had most of the items he chose to use except for the sentiment stamp which is such a pity as the words are fabulous, neither did I have the January stamp or Vial Labels...I have the pointing hand but chose not to use it cos I used the ticket stamp instead on my ticket die and replaced the January calendar stamp on the ribbon with "new and improved" from 7 Gypsies which went better with my sentiment about making something better.  I just love the way the Distress stains sparkle (in the photo above), they have such a different look to the paint dabbers.

Well Happy New Year to you and thanks for popping by my desk!