Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Radovan's Mixed media Layout

Dear Reader

As his first post for the Lady Vagabond design team, Radovan has created this amazing mixed media layout.

He has a YouTube video Premier at 19:00 tonight here:  https://youtu.be/o2tp8BkLneM head on over and set the reminder!

TheList of the materials: 

Paper pad 30x30 SBBL82
Lace SBA386
Craft glue DC31M
Gold Crackle paste K3P55
Super covering primer K3P28G
Mixed media glue DC28M
Mould A4 keys and clocks K3PTA485
Mould A5 pipes K3PTA571
Mould A4 lady Vagabond K3PTA487
Ceramic powder FC04/400
Aquacolor bronze KAQ035
Aquacolo turquoise KAQ018
A4 greyboard Air baloon KLSPDA427
Die cuts DFLDC27
Graneli di luna K3DB01M
Sparkles gold K3GGS02
Sparkles turquoise K3GGS03


Thursday, 24 June 2021

"Meow Meow" Supervisor clock by Disorganized Crafter


Dear Reader

Here is Nikki's incredible CoocCoo "Meow Meow" clock is just on another level!  Please scroll down to the video below to hear and see it work!
I love how she has used the chipboard pieces for the roof edge and to decorate the clock.
Time will surely fly at speed with these giant moulded wings!

Products Used:
8 x 8 lady vagabond paper
Flying Machine A4 Mold
A4 small gears greyboard
A5 Texture impression - mechanisms
Lady Vagabond die cuts
White cream paste
Black and Tan allegro acrylic paint
Silver and gold wax

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Shamela's shadow box clock

 Dear reader

Shamela has created this complex group of shadow boxes both used in reverse and as the boxes.  I love how she has fitted the moulded books into the box like a mini library.

The clock is a functional clock and takes this artwork to another level.  There is something so awesome about a creation that is not just an artwork, but usable too.  It will look fabulous on a wall.

Product list:

KLSP086 colored wood elements
K3PTA481 Lady Vagabond soft Mould
DFSA4523 - London rice paper
DFLDC27 Lady vagabond die cuts
DFLCB18 lady vagabond 15x30 chipboard stickers 
KSAT14 the traveler stencil
KLSPDA412 grey board gears
DFLDC25 sir Vagabond die cuts
K3P61D Glamour paste black silver
K3P55 - Gold  crackle paste
DC28M - mix media glue
Allegro Paint: 
KAL03 black
KAL106 terrad’ombra 
KAL01 gold
KAOLBR - Vintage antiquing paste 
K3P15s - silver
K3P15T - turquoise
K3P15R - copper
K3P15P - ancient pink

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Scrapbook layout by Dawid Trzepizor


Dear Reader

Today it is Dawid's turn to inspire you with this scrapbook layout.  He has layered up the printed wooden laser cuts as well as the chipboard die cuts behind his photograph to lead your eye to the main focus on the page.
he then added lots of stamping and stencil work in the background to build interest.

List of products used:

Paper „Lady Vagabond” SBBL82

Mix Media Glue DC28M

Cream paste K3P53

Stencil Forest Alphabet KSTDL32

Stencil Sir Vagabond Traveler KSAT14

Aqua Color Turquoise KAQ018

Acrylic Paint Allegro Terra D’Ombra KAL106

Stamps Lady Vagabond WTKCC190

Stamps Sir Vagabond WTKAT14

Stamps WTKCC182

Wooden Shapes Lady Vagabond KLSP086

Die Cuts Lady Vagabond DFLDC27


Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Anne Redfern created these rusted book ends


to see how Anne made these gorgeous book ends that look so real and rusty from the resin pieces below... please go to her blog:  https://bollyanne.blogspot.com/

Thursday, 10 June 2021

Tiny Trinket box by Olga Heldwein


Hey Ho Vagabonders!

Olga here again. Today I have for you an aviator box for trinkets. 
I altered not so pretty cheap paper box with my favorite rice paper and moulds. I love, absolutely LOOOOOOOOOVE the pipe mould as it gives so many options, this time I built weird decorative twisted pipeline to frame my box and to add some interest to it. All accessories like belts are also from moulds I just cut off parts of my casts to make it fit better on the project.
In my opinion they add realness to the overall look. As my focal point I used a mix of chipboard elements and printed acetate and I love how it look on the googles. 
To add colors and distressed aged look I used Stamperia paints, waxes, crackling paste and another favorite of mine Patina Shadow. I'm super proud of this one as My hubby liked it so much he decided to take ownership of it and that is not happening very often :)


Die cuts assorted - Lady Vagabond


Clear Die cuts - Lady Vagabond


A3 Rice paper packed Lady Vagabond white flowers

CME Code: DFSA3083

Soft Mould A5 Lady Vagabond pipes

CME Code: K3PTA571

Soft Mould A4 Lady Vagabond belts and fasteners

CME Code: K3PTA484

Crackle Paste 150 ml. Transparent

CME Code: K3P50

Patina Anticante 20 ml - Shadow

CME Code: K3P16M

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

Guest designer Leeanne Hill

Dear Reader

Today is an extra post as I just fell in love with this canvas by Leeanne Hill and wanted to share it with you all.

The supervisor looks very dashing in his hat
For the background she used glamour paste through the stencil and when it was dry, she placed the stencil back on and painted over with Allegro black acrylic.  It gives such a wonderful feeling to the bacground.


CME Code: KSAT14


CME Code: K3PTA487


Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Guest designer Nuneka Box


Dear Reader

Today I have a guest designer Nuneka Box  from Spain who has created this incredible multi coloured canvas called "Adventure Time".

- MixMedia Glue K3P00000

- Sir Vagabond rice paper "Train mechanism" DFSA3080

- Crackle Paste K3P50

- Lady Vagabond Stencil KSTDG06

- Heavy Body Paste K3P42W

- Lady Vagabond Mould “Keys and locks” K3PTA485

- Lady Vagabond Mould “Fly Machine” K3PTA482

- Primer K3P28G

- Allegro Ivory KAL12

- Lady Vagabond 12x12 paper pad SBBL82

- Decorative chips SCB33 - SCB36 - SCB37

- Vintage Antiquing Paste KAOLBR

Thursday, 3 June 2021

Mini library in giant book box by Samantha Thompson


Dear reader

This is Samantha's first post on my design team using the books from Lady Vagabond.  Some of the books on the bottom row are real mini books, the rest are "faking it"!

Look closely at the goggles which she cut the lenses out and put acetate into!  That's paper surgery on a tiny scale!

I love how she used the lock mould and turned it into a clock by adding the clock mould from Sir Vagabond.

The cover is made to look like leather and the moulds are painted to look like they are floating on a turquoise sea or sky. 

On the "book pages" side she added the door plate for extra interest.

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Tamar Perry "Out of Nature" canvas

 “Out Of Nature”

Dear Reader
I know It was Tamar's turn last week to inspire you, but you got lucky and here she is again with this 16x20 Mixed Media Canvas


This morning I went for a walk in my neighbourhood. It was very early, the sun had just risen, but the world was awakening into a new day. Everything was still moist from the nights’ humid air and dew was on the leaves.  The way the sun hit the trees made them shine like gold!

 The birds started chirping and the squirrels were out gathering before the humans morning rush starts to interfere with nature. Everywhere I looked there were pieces from the trees all over the ground and at the farthest point of my walk, there is this old tree, that grows hair and it is just glorious! I realised what a unique place this is, with such diversity of trees and greens, so many natural water sources allows the wild life to exist, and it all exists in a beautiful harmony.

I couldn’t help collecting things I found on the ground: tree barks, branches and leaves. Put them all together in this piece.

I hope you like it.


Here is a link to a short video https://youtu.be/dkvFfgq1QiA

And this is the link to the video showing how it was made.






Texture sand paste K3P40

Crackle paste Gold k3p55

Modeling paste K3P38W

Mix media glue DC27M

Extra strong glue

Black gesso

Cerantica K3P15G Copper

k3P15R gold

Vintage paste

Allegro KAL34


Chrystal Resin KEN 12

Mould A5 K3PTA541




16 x 20 Hard Panel

2x 6X8 Canvases

Natural  Elements

Two new Design Team Members!

 Dear readers

As you will have seen last month, my two lovely Spanish ladies Hadry and Silvia left the team and so I am pleased to announce that from today I have 

Samantha Thompson from England and 

Radovan Kianica from Slovakia joining my team to inspire you with the Lady Vagabond range.