Monday, 27 July 2020

Steampunk Magical Time machine

Hello my dear blogger friends!

Sorry that I have been so quiet!  Since I started at Stamperia as an international teacher 3 months ago, it has been the craziest time of my life!

I have created 3 online classes for their e-Academy, one of which is a free class, the other two are 25 Euros each for 2.5 to 3 hours of video time and PDF notes... 

Then we had the teachers training for a whole week...

and now we are near the end of the on line Contest over on Stamperia's Facebook page.

I am up today in group 7!

I would really appreciate your vote here:  Stamperia Facebook page

Here is my project!  The public have until 12 mid on Wednesday to vote for their favorite in this group. 
Then there will be the last group No8 and the 8 finalists will go against each other in 2 groups of 4... Then the winner from each of those groups will go head to head in the battle for top spot!

It started off as a "blank Canvas" in the form of this little old clock which had seen better days.  
I painted it with Alegro paints by Stamperia as they have a matt finish.
I then added some moulds from the texture impression sheets by Stamperia as well as some laser cut grey board for a steampunk feel.

The new snowflake mould was perfect for inside the clock and I created some clear snowflakes using the new Crystal resin with brilliantini glitter inside for extra sparkle.
I created a backing to hide the workings of the clock using rice paper adhered onto some acetate.  This defuses the light from the inside of the clock which I put inside the snowflake

Finally, I made a little book to go under the clock where you can keep photos or notes or keepsakes.

The last thing to do as add some extra shine to the project with pink Cerantica wax through a snowflake stencil on the base of the clock and to pick up the highlights on the various moulded items on the rest of the clock.
I used rice-paper wings on acetate again to create the wooden laser cut fairy's wings which have a lovely translucent effect.

Thanks for stopping by.