Monday, 16 December 2019

Steampunk electric guitar

I recently attended my husbands end of year office functon and at the end of the evening we were invited to choose a gift sitting under the tree... there were tiny ones, large ones, and strange shaped ones...

I chose the strange shaped one... it was a kids electric guitar... truth be told... the gifts were all kids games or toys, two of the guys got mini helecopters... imagine what the office was like the next week?
I imediately knew that I was going to steampunk it!  The question was... HOW?

First, I took it appart, well only sort of, as in, I took off the white plate and added black grit paste through an Antonis Tzanidakis stencil and let that dry before later spraying it with black spray paint.  I replaced the stencil over the grit paste and rubbed some Treasure Brass over it so that I did not get any on the base plate, only where the grit paste was.  This worked a treat!

While the spray paint was out, I sprayed the rest of the guitar black too! 

I got out my Tim Holtz gears dies (yes, I have 2 sets of  Tim's Gearhead thinlets set of dies and a ton of other brands too, because one can never have too many cog dies!)and chomped up a whole A4 piece of black cardstock with them.
They then got glued to the base of the guitar with Tim's Distress Collage Medium - Matt.

When this had dried, I rubbed Treasure Brass over the whole guitar.
Using glossy accents I attached the Mitform Castings items from my stash as well as other things made with polyurethane in Finnabair molds, also sprayed black and rubbed with Treasure Brass.
After the glue was dry, I added some drop shaddows round the dimentional objects with black acrylic paint to make them stand out from the background.
I put the whole thing back together and glued on some silver gears from my stash to finish it off and make a visual link with the silver screws of the plate thing.