Tuesday, 31 August 2021

“The mind of Lady Vagabond under lock and key!!! “ by Samantha Thompson

There seems to be an underlying theme going on in my Design Team makes at the moment... it must be because I can't tell them about the new Lady Vagabond that should launch in October... I think they are wondering what I am up to...  My mind and its meanderings under lock and key this time!


Monday, 30 August 2021

“ From The Mind of Belinda” by Disorganised crafter


Dear reader, for some reason this post did not go live on Thursday last week when it should have... so here is Nikki's project which she created for her Design Team post called:  “ From The Mind of Belinda”!

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Shamela's Lady V Mini Lounge

Hello, Shamela here, I created the chair using the books (curved to shape) and the large gear together with some of the bolts from the Lady Vagabond mould. I joined 2 bolts to create the legs for the chair as well as the front leg of the chaise.

The chaise was created with a chipboard base and using the wing and the lock created the back and side.

Everything was painted with black gesso and the allegro paints and distressed with Cerantica.


Product list:

K3PTA482 Lady vagabond mould (wing)
K3PTA487 Lady vagabond mould (books & table top)
K3PRA484 Lady Vagabond mould (lock)
Gold stone paper
lady vagabond 12x12 sheets SBB760 x2 (backdrop)
Lady Vagabond 12 x12 sheet SBB757 (chaise)
The books & Supervisor from Lady Vagabond 8x8 SBBS27
Allegro paints:
KAL90 cappuccino
KAL106 terra d Ombra 
KAL01 gold
Transparent crackle paste ( on the window frame
Frame chippy from Atelier des Art die cuts
Clock from Lady Vagabond die cuts
SBBS sir vagabond 8x8 off cut sky ( in window)
Acetate Circle cut out of Sir vagabond acetate sheets (on the table) 
Glass bead for the vase
Stamperia Cerantica
K3P15R copper
K3P15T turquoise 
K3P15S silver
K3P15G gold.
2mm Chipboard to construct

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Dawids mini canvas panel - Lady V with wings

Dear Reader

Dawid created this project for today, full of layers and interesting techniques in the background. The textures he used, make me want to reach through the screen to touch them!

I love the clear die cut wings from the airship that he used behind Lady V

Paper Lady Vagabond” SBBS27

Mix Media Glue DC28M

Cream paste K3P53

Crackle Paste transparent K3P50

Stencil Forest Alphabet KSTDL32

Stencil Sir Vagabond Traveler KSAT14

Stencil Cosmos KSTD042

Stencil Lady Vagabond KSG455

Acrylic Paint Allegro Turchese KAL25

Extra Forte Glue DC07GN

Clear Die Cuts Lady Vagabond DFLDCP02

Wooden Shapes Lady Vagabond KLSP086

Stamp with text WTKCC182

Metal Gears SBA406

Die Cuts Lady Vagabond DFLDC27

Vintage paste KAOLBR

Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Anne's Light up airship


Today dear Reader, I have Anne with this awesome frame and light up airship!  below are close ups and the products she used, but if you want a full explanation, please head on over to her blog:


Stamperia Products Used:
Stamperia Lady Vagabond 12" x 12" paper pad - SBBL82
Stamperia Lady Vagabond Stencil - KSG454
Stamperia Glamour Paste Turquoise - K3P61C
Stamperia Glamour Paste Gold - K3P61B
Stamperia Crackle Paste Transparent - K3P50
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Turquoise KAL25
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Nature Green KAL30
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Corn KAL36
Stamperia Allegro Paint - Turtle Dove KAL22
Stamperia Cerantica Ancient Wax - Gold K3P15G
Stamperia Metal Gears Mixed - SBA406
Stamperia Metal Gears Large - SBA407

Friday, 13 August 2021

Olga's mannequin


Hello, Hello, Olga here... so yesterday I had project disaster. I made several approaches to that project and I took a bit of figuring out to make it look like I wanted. I wanted to make picture prop something I could fit in my new photo setup to be just an element in the background. Eventually I decided on a dress form. I used a styrofoam torso and added rest of elements from molds and metal elements and I decorated my torso with my favorite rice paper
I did first version quite fast but when I left it to dry... my huge stack of random objects didn't hold and I found my work in pieces on the morning. 

I was able to salvage part of stand and torso but they had broken look to them. So the final leg of my prop is made from an old brush and couple plastic containers from yoghurt that I weighted down with old bolts. I covered everything with clay impressions and embraced broken look on the leg and continued the broken pattern with elements from 13 keys and 5 locks. 
And as I couldn't fit stencil on the side I mimicked the paper pattern with metal flowers

Rice paper unfortunetly i couldn't find it on website

Soft Mould A4 - Lady Vagabond keys and locks

CME Code: K3PTA485

Allegro paint ml 60 - Cappuccino

CME Code: KAL90

Allegro paint ml 60 - Old ivory

CME Code: KAL50

Allegro paint ml 60 - Shadow

CME Code: KAL45

Allegro paint ml 60 - Turquoise

CME Code: KAL25

Soft Clay gr 160 White

CME Code: K3P44

Pack 16 pcs Metal Fantasy nature

CME Code: SBA382

Pack 18 pcs Metal Fantasy

CME Code: SBA380

**Patina Anticante ml 20 - Shadow

CME Code: K3P16M

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Radovan's functional clock piece

Dear Reader

Today it is Radovan's turn on the Lady Vagabond Design team to inspire you with this working clock made from various moulds from the Stamperia line.

I love how he has used the paper from the 30x30 pad to create a functional clock.

He has created such an interesting shape with the moulds in the background too, it would look quite striking on a wall in anybody's home!

Products used:
Moulds K3PTA487, K3PTA482
Soft clay K3P44
Paper pad 30x30 SBBL82
Clock mechanism
Alegro paints KAL01, KAL 02, KAL 33
Black gesso spray KES08

Thursday, 5 August 2021

Tamar Perry Cards with magnet

Tamar Perry will be live over on the Stamperia FB and YT platforms showing how to make the card with the magnet today at 15:00CET (Central European Time)
Such great use of the moulds back to back!

The products used for that card are
 K3PTA484 Lady Vagabond Belts and Fasteners mould 

SBBS27 fussy cut elements 

SBBL82 select paper  

SCB22 decorative chips 




K3P15G. Gold cerantica 

For the cat with the rings cards she used SCB30 

For Lady V card she used Klspda411  Diary Greyboard and 


Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Exploding Time Machine Canvas by Belinda Basson


Dear Reader
I am finally back on my own blog!  Fancy That!  Today I have my latest reverse canvas called Exploding Time Machine.  The machine isn't really exploding... more like it is exploding from one time realm into another, through the paper!
I love how you can reverse the image of the clear die cuts to suit your design, in this case I painted the back of Lady V with the Gold Allegro paint to make her face inwards towards the bubble.
I have painted Gold Allegro paint behind the clear die cuts to make them pop off the page and then mounted them on giant foam squares.
Of course, it had to have lights inside... or it wouldn't be my project...  would it?  I love adding lights to everything I make.  (Fun fact:  my first word was light... need I say more?)

I took the photo below, before I placed Lady Vagabond into her Time machine bubble which is really a clock managed by Key hands that teleport you to another place in time!  At least here you can see the dimension between the chipboard pieces which I achieved by using giant sponge foam squares.

Products used from Stamperia:

SBB757 Airship paper
SBA402 Brads
SBA406 small gears
SBA407 Large gears
DFLDCP02 Clear die cuts
DFLDC27 Die cuts
KSTD071 Stencil Time Machine
KTL24 30 x 30 Canvas
KAL106 Earth Allegro paint
KAL34 Super Gold Allegro
K3GGS02 Gold Glamour Sparkles