Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 in review

Last year was a busy one, all be it a quiet one on my blog...

I have made some structural changes to my schedule for 2017 and will hopefully be around here a whole lot more as I will no longer be guest teaching at local stores on weekends.

If you are a fellow blogger then you will know that it takes time to take the right photos and to type up the text, there just wasn't that time available last year as I installed my art in Truth Coffee in January, Steam restaurant in July and created a few HUGE things for an office in Westlake followed by a commission for 7 huge modern artworks for a private house which I installed late in December!  In between that, I did guest teaching for local scrapbook stores and taught 6 classes a week at my own studio!

Here are the projects I did take photos of...

Truth Coffee

Steam Restaurant 
Houwhoek convention

Art journal classes


Westlake office

Private home