Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday No325? Art journal and Periscope

Good morning fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.

Here you see me experimenting in my art journal wile listening to a Periscope on my iPad by the Crafty Cutie in America.  I have really enjoyed getting to know her and her hubby Josh in these live scopes.  They are 9 hours behind me, so while I am off to start my day they are off to bed!

This cyber world is quite amazing in its ability to connect all us creative ones in some form or another.  It truly makes for a small world!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday324? Art Journal

Hello Fellow Desker from Julia's Place over at Stamping Ground.

Welcome to organised chaos.  Here you can see 3 things going on.

I purchased the latest available set of distress colours released by Tim called blueprint sketch and tested the various products on a random piece of paper which you can see abandoned behind my coffee mug.

Then on the left of my desk are my flower stamps by Tim lying on top of 100 packets...  This is my latest idea as to how to store my stamps.  I find that with traveling to classes with my stuff, some of the stamps come off their backing sheet and could get lost.  So now I will put each one into a cellophane bags as the folders I had them in are a bit bulky for my drawers.

Front and center you can see me testing colours by Tim (Squeezed lemon and Peacock feathers Distress stain spray) for a background for a journal page.  This is ready for me to demonstrate a technique on at this Saturdays Journal class.

You might be able to tell from this post that I have a slight Tim addiction! LOL!

Lastly, I was sad to see that Janet from Fairy Thoughts has died.  Her last post was May as she had been ill and didn't feel up to blogging.  I wish I lived closer so I could attend her service next Thursday the 27th, but I will be there in mind if not in body.  Blogland is a special place where us creatives have gathered and become friends the world over and the most central of the creative meeting places is at Julia's Stamping Ground where she hosts What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday every week.  I have met such lovely people here in cyberspace and feel devastated every time our band of merry Deskers becomes one less due to illness or death.  May Janet's family know she was loved by many all over the world because of her kind and thoughtful comments she left on our posts.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Another Steampunk Hat Tutorial with a Mad Hatter theme!

Hello there

I had a rather exciting thing happen this week.  A lady called Liesl contacted me about buying one of my hats she had seen on Pinterest.  The only problem was that the one I had in storage must have landed under something heavy... which left me with the only other option which was to make her a bespoke hat!

I started by covering the hat with gel medium and adding the crunched tissue paper, both on top and underneath the hat

Once the hat is dry, I cut the excess paper out the hole with a blade.
While the hat was drying, I got out all my embellishments to see what I wanted to add to the hat.  The theme was Mad hatter steampunk style.  Liesl had sent me some photos of hats she liked and I took elements from each of them and combined them into one.
Below you can see the acrylic paint base going on to help create a faux leather look.
This is the base layer before I added anything.
Then I added some distress paints and sprayed them with water.
Followed by some Wendi Vecchi black Embossing paste through Tim's stencil in random places on the hat to mimic the paper she had seen on a hat.  It almost looks like velvet in real life.

When this was dry I added the rivets with Glossy Accents.
And went to town with some embellishments and die cuts as well as another pair of distressed giant swimming goggles....the shop where I purchase them a few at a time must think I am a swimming instructor or something... little do they know!
This is the finished hat from all angles:

The photos above have come out a lightish yellow, but in real life it looked more brown like the photo below where you can see the the time stuck on 6pm as it did in the story of Alice in Wonderland.
This is the chaos on my desk as I frantically created her hat in a mad two evenings after work!

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 322? Fall out!

Hello Fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.

Here you see my desk in all it's chaotic glory...

Working from the bottom of the pile upwards...

Sticking out is my art journal page which I will be teaching at a store on the 22 August.  "Take time to focus on the little things in life".  I made the stamp of the camera by die cutting art/fun foam and sticking it onto acetate from packaging. (as seen at the back of my desk)  I did the same with Tim's block  talk alpha die and made word stamps.  Useful for teaching large groups where individual letter stamps could get lost in the chaos.  Not to mention that the letter "T" was needed 7 times in this title alone!

Piled on top of it are the bits and bobs I used to create the page as well as two sets of "Nail Art" pots of micro beads.  Much cheaper to buy them like this and great for classes as they are already in cute little round containers for easy kitting...

Then there is my pile of stamps on the left in their pink and blue folders under which are my new alphabet set of stamps still in their packaging.  I nearly made the mistake of only purchasing half the alphabet!  Luckily a fellow shopper spotted my mistake and brought me the other packet...  How silly of them to be packaged it like that!  Who needs only the first or last half of an alphabet?  I thought them a great size for Art journal titles.

I have just noticed my archival ink and Timmy clock stencil perched precariously on the edge of an abyss!

Time to tidy up and pack away so I can start again another day!

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Double page from Scrapbook Studio Event at Heldefontein

I recently flew to Johannesburg to attend an event run by Scrapbook Studio.  Day one was all about Frank Garcia...Day two was all about Jowilna Nolte and Carina Basson's double layouts...
This was Jowilna Nolte's page...

It should have looked something like her sample below:
The photos of my son at the Dinosaur exhibition that I took with me had the right colours, but just didn't work so I used other photos I had packed (just in case) and had to change papers and therefore dive into my new stash of embossing folders and although I followed the techniques she taught on the day, I did not have the ink colours I needed with me, so I finished it at home.
I added the Together Forever lazer cut and the You and Me white vinyl sticker sponsored by Celebr8 for good measure.
It was so lovely to be on the receiving end of teaching for a change.  I lapped it up, every delicious moment and can't believe this all went down a week ago and as I type, I was on a plane almost home again!

I am changing Carina's double page into a mini album...  It will be a while before I get that together... Have printed the photos from the event and want to use them in the album as she used G45 Travel paper.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

What's On my Workdesk Wednesday No321? Eat Desert First!

Hello fellow Desker from Julia's place over at Stamping Ground.  Welcome to my crazy adventure where I taught fellow convention goers to eat desert first!

I flew up to Johannesburg to attend an event run by Cariena Basson with Frank Garcia from Prima Marketing.  More on him later and if you have the time, go to my previous blog post where I share my day with him.

Here I am with my Lemon meringue cocktail and my taster plate of deserts which I had as my starter (a thing I always do and am known for)

You can see the taster plate of starters for the rest of the table below, with my desert in the background ...just in case you did not believe me!  I kid you not!  Life is too desert first!
Below you can see us with our main course and our next round of cocktails.  Jen our gracious hostess and planner of the most amazing retail therapy day at 2 scrap shops is sitting front left, then opposite her is Caroline and behind Carolyn is Jo, both of whom flew up from Cape Town with me.  The event was fabulous, but Jennifer's thoughtfulness and overseeing of every minor detail made the week-end one that none of us Capetonians will ever forget.
Now you know a store is serious about your shopping there when you have a Q of grocery style shopping carts at the entrance...we don't have such things in our little stores in Cape Town!  So here you see me doing my best to just fill one basket at Aquila.

Below is a picture of me with Frank Garcia.  What an awesome teacher he was, I loved his class.
Caught in the act of eating desert first again on Friday night before Jen spoiled us with pizzas of every combination imaginable.  But then seriously?  Who could resist such a yummy treat as a chocolate cup cake?  Thanks to Jen's DH who thought of these!
I actually did do some work...this is my concentration face...
Finally, this is my take on Frank's project.
Franks sample project.

Monday, 27 July 2015

My Day in Class with Frank Garcia from Prima Marketing

This is Frank's project with all the layers of techniques and delicious Prima products.  Gratefully, he encourages you to put your own spin on it.  I saw this was the project on instagram (not by accident...I went looking to see if I could get any clues as to what we were going to makes the control freak in me happy) that he did with the class during the week and so I took my crackled heart (done for Linda's CC3 challenge) with to JHB to add to mine.

Here I am on the plane, ready for my 2 hour flight up north to Johannesburg from Cape Town on Friday.  The event was a two day program with Frank teaching all day on Saturday and Jowilna and Cariena teaching scrapbook layouts on Sunday.
When I got into class, Linda King came to find me. (not hard to recognise me with my hair I guess) as we have been Facebook buddies for a while.  It was so lovely to finally meet in person!
Here I am with Frank in his class.  He is just the best teacher.  So patient, knowledgeable about his products and very clear in his instructions.  His project took all day to make and we worked at a leisurely pace which was divine.  No stress involved at all.
This is my project at the lunch break
A close up of the cracks and the pearls.  They just glow and have such divine colours.
I am a bit of a steampunk fan (in case you had not known that snippet of info) and so I swapped the flowers out for cogs and a bit more bling...  this is my finished project.

I got Frank to sign the back of it for me.  He is just the best...but then I am repeating myself...cos he is so awesome!

Below is the photo of all 100 delegates that took this class on Saturday.  Not hard to spot me!

On the Friday before class, my friend Jen took myself together with Carolyn and Jo (fellow Capetonians) to Pretoria to do a little Scrapbook retail therapy.  We hit Aquila Scrapbooking and Scrap-a-doodles stores then came back to JHB where Jen invited us into her home for pizza and drinks... carbo loading before the event...well isn't that what other marathon type people do?  Our events are like marathons too, only they are creative ones! LOL!
Here is some of the stash I bought at these two stores, the stuff I purchased at the event is buried in my bag still... perhaps it will surface for Wednesday's desk post.
Above is a pic of the dining room.  The conference venue was very unique and beautiful.
This is Cariena Basson (no relation to me) our generous and gracious host for the week-end as well as owner of Scrapbook Studios.  She has a heart of gold and put so much effort into making sure that everything ran as smoothly as possible.  I cannot begin to imagine what pressure and stress she had pulling off an event like this. (I pinched this photo off Facebook, it was taken by Jowilna Nolte  the local teacher for Sunday...more about her and her project in another post) 
These are Cariena's trusty staff: Kim, Priscilla and Kaylene who are featured here just outside their home town of J Bay. (again, I pulled this photo off Facebook from Cariena's page)  They also went out of their way to make you feel welcome and looked after.  I am sure they are all going to sleep for a week!