Wednesday, 13 May 2015

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday 310? Nothing!

This is an all or nothing desk at the moment!  So here is an unusual view for you...
I cleaned up after making my mom a card for Mothers day on Sunday and as it is my DHs birthday today, I had to pretend that I hadn't made anything recently...but I secretly made him a box card too!

He is a golfer and I got him a set of lessons for his gift, so made him a golf card...

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Butterfly box card

Hello there

I made this card for my Mother to celebrate Mother's day today.  As usual, my desk looked like a bomb site after I had finished, though it is all nicely packed away again, it never ceases to amaze me how I land up working in the tiniest of spaces on an A1 size desk...and how hard these cards are to photograph!
 I used the Tonic dies for the flaps, BoBunny butterfly and trellis dies, Martha Stewart punch for the small butterflies and tonic punch for the middle butterfly which I glued on the trellis.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday No 309? Fallout!

Hi there Fellow Desker from Julia's place.
This is the aftermath of quickly doing a journal page for an online Journaling challenge.  I had an hour between cooking supper and going to book club to get it done!  I work on Tuesday nights so nothing happened last night and this is how my desk has looked since Monday!  The next challenge is set for tomorrow!  I am loving it.

Added to the chaos on my desk is a new die set (purchased yesterday) by Tonic and a book I have been lent to read as well as the cotton reels which are left out after fixing a hole in a cushion inner which was spewing foam chunks everywhere!  The tower of ink aplicators has moved onto my desk so I could get to the drawer which is still hanging open with the cotton in...order will resume tonight!
This is how my page started and how it finished off...

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sew Like a Pro

Hello there

One of our local Scrapbook Stores Scrapbook Studio in J Bay is running a competition till the 8 May.  I decided to do the Sew Like a Pro challenge and have loved every minute!

I lost my best friend Claire on 8 Dec 2013 to breast cancer and to honour her I decided to dye my hair pink for a year.  I have continued past the year mark, but realised that I had not documented my pink hair.  So I organised a photo shoot in February and finally made this page thanks to the challenge!

I have not done much scrapping recently as I have been distracted by mixed media, Art Journalling and Steampunk!

I used Dylusions Bubblegum Pink spray over my gauze onto my white Bazzil  card stock which I then cut my title Pink out of and punched my hearts.  I also dyed my cotton with the spray to match! The Bubblegum pink is the exact colour of my hair and I even use it to touch up when it fades! LOL!

This is how I started my page...The word pink is from old Basic Grey lettering that I keep to trace round as stencils.
I have stamped on my photos and on the cardstock and added some stencilling for good measure.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 307? Steampunk stuff

Servus gentle Wednesday Desker!

Welcome to my steampunk desk.  Here you see a pair of welding goggles which has been dis assembled and sprayed and is now ready for steampunking.  The large hat on the right is a mens hat and will get suitably painted and decorated to go with the goggles and the pile of 3 ladies hats on the left are waiting their turn.

So that is me on my mission this week.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Start each day with a Grateful Heart Journal page

This is a journal page which I made recently.  I also tried my hand at shooting a video for the first time and editing one hours worth of time into half an hour.  I have since found another app to be able to speed things up a bit and shorten the time more...but for now, here is my adventure into the world of filming...

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Whats on My Workdesk Wednesday? Cogs, cogs and more Cogs...oh and a cat! 306

Hello there fellow Desker from Julia's Place.  Here you see my desk from far to show off the contraption myself and DH invented and built to hold my iPad so I can shoot video footage of my desk.  I have hung my Steampunk hat and goggles on its ends to stop me banging my head on them!  They are just at eyelevel and being silver...hard to see even with the day glow orange stickers on them!
Then an up close of the pile of cogs I came across at one of my suppliers...I pounced on them with such glee that another shopper came over to see what I was so excited about!  This will last me a while and I can use them in my classes.
There are 50 of the larger cogs per packet and 100 of the tiny ones per packet...that is an average of 1200 cogs on my desk right now!  Steampunk Heaven! I found a mini cookie jar to store them in as I got 2 bags of most of the cogs, now to go and get another 11 good thing always leads to another!
Then just as I was about to type this up, I looked back at my desk and there was Marmalade under his personal sun...My 100W day light bulb!

Thats me for today.  I hope that I can get to a few desks this morning before work if Mr Linky is there this week.  Just my luck that the week I last participaed in, he was AWOL, but it was 1 April!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Steampunk Goggles

So, I was at the hardware favourite place to be...other than an art shop of course!

I needed some gutter parts for another project and came across these cool things...who knows what they are supposed to do in the real world...I saw them and thought... STEAMPUNK GOGGLES!  Wouldn't you?
The extra bit that looks like it is supposed to go round a pipe, got unseramoniously cut off with a hack saw and the rubber ring popped out and the top prized off.
They then got a goodly dose of copper spray paint.
When they were back on my desk, it amused me that I had managed to find a right and a left by complete flook in the basket that I took them appropriate for goggles! 

I then measured how much leather I would need to cover up the moulded writing in the plastic.
Having cut my leather to shape, I then painted the edges black with black soot distress paint.

and drilled holes for the brads to go through later.
I made a nose piece by folding and gluing the leather over some florest wire and punched holes in each side for the brads.

Having assembled the goggles, I then added some chain to hide the edge of the leather.

Here are some shots of the final piece once I had added the strap and studs for good steampunk measure.

I used acetate packaging for the glass which I aged with alcohol inks.

The foam was cut and added to the back of the goggles so they sit properly on your face, otherwise you just get a partial sideways view and see a bit like what a Chamelion must do on a daily basis!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Tim's April Tag for 2015

Above is my tag and below is Tim's inspiration.  For how to create this tag go to his blog here.

 I almost had all the toys to create this tag...however...I don't have the word dies, but I do have the aphabet die so I created my own word LIFE and took Happy off another die which says Happy Birthday!
 For once I had purchased his new flower set of stamps...YAY!  I decided to have different flowers on my tag and I added his masking technique to this one as I wanted to stamp the stems over the lower flower without messing it up.  I don't have his mask material, so used some plastic and painters tape to hold it in place.  It worked just as well.
 I decided that I wanted to ink the cut line above and below the word LIFE, so I slipped the corner of my craft sheet into the cut and inked it.  You can see that I have already done the top cut.
 I have a sewing machine...but it is tempramental, so I don't trust it to sew through paper...I opted for my pattern maker tool and rolled hollows into my paper and drew my stitch lines in instead.
It is quite effective.
 Cos I had more than one flower colour on my tag, I used two markers to ink up my ribbon.
 Here is my finished tag with dragonfly embellies to make it feel more like spring...even though I have entered autumn where I live! 

 I added some alcohol ink to the dragonfly confetti as it was just too shiny.
 A close up of my colouring in. 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday No304? Finn Inspired stuff

Hello fellow desker from Julia's place.  I have been MIA for a while as our home schedule changed and I am now lifting my son to school in the mornings...but today is the last day of this school term and my DH has gone on the school run, leaving me free to post what is going on at my desk!

Right at the back of my desk you can see I am busy with alcohol inks and plastic eggs which Tim recently blogged on how to create...better get a wiggle on as Easter starts in 2 days time...

I am doing a class with Finnabair in October later this year and am getting so excited.  Therefore all the projects I am doing at the moment are seriously inspired by her style and products.  I am practicing up a storm!

The journal cover you see is one that I will be teaching at Scrapbook North on the 18 April and the heart is a project I created for fun after seeing Finn's recent book cover.
My stamp drawer is hanging open cos I have no where to keep the 4 new stamp sets I bought and showed you a few weeks ago, so they sit there cantileavered over my desk...till I can find a better solution.