Friday, 12 September 2014

How to cut just the wings of the Dragonfly die

I thought I would post this here as there was a question recently on the private CC101 Facebook page about how to cut just the wings of the die and the special plate required.  I don't have the special plate that Tim sells, so I just tape two of my cutting plates together with a gap between them, place it over the op of the die where I have marked the centre of the dragonfly to be able to line it up and send it through my Vagabond.

I then popped it into its matching embossing folder to emboss the wings and then make the body come to life.  I find I need to catch the paper to the folder in 2 places so it does not move while being embossed and then it stays lined up perfectly.

Above you can see the one on the left is plain and the one on the right has distress inks on it.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Whats on My Workdesk Wednesday 275? Hats!

Well I have been AWOL for a while on a Wednesday.  Life just gets too busy some times and that is what is so nice about this group.  You are not obliged to play along EVERY week.  Just when you can.  Phew. No pressure! Thanks Julia!

I have been busy with a series of hat samples to time myself for an upcoming project of HUGE proportions.  I am not scared of the scale of the project, but the pricing.  Hence the samples to see how long it takes me and how much materials will cost etc.  I am getting there, one hat at a time!

The white one is my current hat in progress, the "fancy" bits and trimmings still need to go on.  The black one balancing precariously on the angle poise lamp is mine and the others are for 3 gents.  If you have time later you can click here to take you to the post where I show step out pics of how I made the brown hat.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Oh My Hat!

Here is hat 2 in a series of 3...I have decided to enter it into Sandee and Amelie's Stemapunk challenge.  The theme this month is stories and there is quite a story behind these hats that I am working on.  I am doing them as samples to see how long they take me as I have been asked to do a commission of a steampunk art installation at a local well known coffee shop.  I have to give them a quote as to how much it is all going to cost and frankly, I know how much I would like to charge...but I have to work out if that is worth all the time that goes into making things like that is the story behind this hat and the one to follow.  I have already done the first one and still need to do the third one!

Get a good cup/glass of something, cos this is a photo heavy post of how I made this top hat!
 I started by painting the felt hat with gesso, when this was dry, I put a layer of gesso through this Stencil which I held in place with painters tape.
Why is it that I always land up working in a tiny space?  I did clean up the chaos after I took this photo! I needed elbow room!  Once I had let the gesso dry, I added some cogs cut from foamcore and some from cardstock, covered with sticky backed foil.

Below are the photos of the hat in its gesso stage.

 Then I added some distress paint and waited for it to dry.  I could not heatgun this as the foamcore melts...this tested my patience a tad...

 Once the base paint was dry, I set about adding various shades of brown and some metallic paints in the dark brown and copper.  The final touch was adding the shadows in black beneath each item on the hat.

I added some of Tim's idea-ology line to the front.

I used the same stencil and added some Coffee Archival ink through it so there was some continuity around the hat.
Now to decide how I am going to do the final hat in the series...maybe a bit of a girly version?


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Steampunk top hat

I am busy with samples of Steampunk at the moment...

Here is my latest creation using sticky backed foil and idea-ology embellishments as well as some habby shop finds...
 I popped the small cogs onto the pres studs to give them dimension on the top!

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Compendium of Curiosities 3 Challenge 9 official entry!

Well, the wonderful Linda Ledbetter came to my rescue as I could not enter this challenge because I did not own a set of Tim's framelits and she sent me my prize for challenge 7 of the acorn Alterations stamp and framelits set.  It arrived yesterday, so I got to work straight away between teaching, kitting and not much sleeping, this is what I have come up with.

The acorn could not have been a better choice for me as my Art Studio is called Acorn School of Crafts or Acorn Crafts for short, hence my twitter handle of Acorncrafts!  To celebrate this, I have made a 12"x12" canvas for my studio which will celebrate its sweet 16th birthday in October!
 You might have seen my shrink plastic example using the normal Sizzix stamp and die set where I made charms for the back of my journal that I posted anyway even though I realized I would not qualify to enter this challenge.   So I decided to use it again...for the official entry into Challenge 9 over at Studio L3

Here you can see the before and after shrinking size of the acorn.
 I coloured two of the acorns before shrinking because the colour is more intense after it is shrunk. (it is best to colour on the reverse side to the stamping)
 Then I coloured the plain one after shrinking so that I would have 3 varied acorns.
 Once I had my acorns for my logo, I set about following Tim's instructions on page 63 of his book to make my 3D acorn to add to the canvas.

 I chose to curve my acorn's parts with the same stylus tool which I use to make my rose petals with.
 This is what it looked like when it was assembled, but it had such an indented back that I had to layer 4 pieces of foam tape so that it would stick to the canvas and hold its shape.
 Next I set about creating my logo which I cut out twice, once in green and the other in the golden yellow to layer in order to create a drop shadow.
 I die cut some of the tattered leaves from an old dictionary, distress inked them in peeled paint and spiced marmalade and added the veins with peeled paint distress marker.
 The canvas background was created with distress paints over texture paste through a brick stencil.
 The saying underneath my logo is:  "every little acorn grows into a big tree" done using the chit chat stickers and painted alphaparts stickers.
Here you can really see the curve of the acorn
Then I decided to fill the gap with an appropriate word band "possibility begins with imagination, which is apt for an art studio I think.

So this is my entry where this challenge's lucky draw sponsor is the generous Inspiration Emporium and Tim and Mario sponsor the winner of the Curiosity Crew's choice prize.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

What's on My Workdesk Wednesday 273? Kitting

Hello fellow desker.  Well it would seem that Wednesday is the day for it to bucket with rain!  We did have a beautiful weekend like an Indian Summer...long forgotten though it was only 2 days ago! Proof that the sun was shining is the photo below from a shoot I did of my son in the spring flowers on a field near my house on Saturday afternoon.
The top photo is my desk in all it's kitting glory!  I am busy cutting up the paper for each die and then I will sit and run them all through my Vagabond for a few hours...
 This is what my studio and desk looked like after I came back from teaching a class last Saturday!  Lunch Lady Jan...don't faint!  I know there is a machine on my desk, but all I used it for was to sew a line of stitching in the top of some lace for class to be able to gather it as the pre-gathered lace which I used on my sample is out of stock!  I use clear plastic containers to put all my kit stuff in as I plan the page and you can see todays desk kit on the pink e-craft (like a Silhouette) cutter all piled up and ready for prepping and another container with a kit in it waiting to be prepped on the machine cover below it on the floor!  A never ending set of containers in a not so orderly Q to be dealt with!
Here is a close up of my desk with the container that went to the store and still needs to be unpacked....

Designing, kitting, packing and unpacking is the name of the game around here.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 272? iPad pieces

Hello fellow Desker from Julia's place.  Welcome to my desk in a sodden Cape Town, South Africa.
This is the page I have just finished planning for my next class layout and it is hard to remember the heat of our summer as I write, cos the sky is leaking bucket loads right now, it sounds like a waterfall coming off my roof!

My son dropped the iPad...
My husband ordered the new parts and so we are at the stage where the screen is off and in taking it off we damaged the volume now he has to order one of those and then we can re-assemble my favourite toy. So for now, my desk is a repair yard.  Now to dispose of all those tiny shards of glass!

That's me for today, off to see what I can see on your desk!

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Compendium Of Curiosities 3 Challenge 9

This challenge is to use stamps and framelits on page 53 of Tim's book.  Unfortunately, I don't have any of Tims sets so am not eligible to enter this time round...on my wishlist is the cupcake set...but  none of the sets seem to be available here in Sunny South Africa.  I think I might just take up the offer from this challenge's lucky draw sponsor Inspiration Emporium for 10% off my online purchase if you participate in these challenges.

(edit...Clearly I have good taste...the cupcake is out of stock, both at Inspiration Emporium and Funky Junkie Boutique!  Will have to wait till they are back in stock to place my order!)

I thought I would link up to Linda's StudioL3 anyway to give you another idea as to how to use framelits...using Shrink plastic!  My set of stamps and framelits that I own has very solid stamps, but if you use Tim's ones you could colour them with alcohol inks before shrinking them and that could be so cool!
Use Archival ink to stamp with as it sticks to slick surfaces and Don't forget to let the stamps air dry before you cut them as you can't heatgun this SHRINKS!
 Yes!  These thin dies do cut the shrink plastic really well!  It makes using the shrink plastic so quick and easy!
 Don't forget to punch a hole in your shrink plastic BEFORE you shrink it so you can pop a jump ring through it later!
 Here you can see where I have put the shrunk items inside the die cut area!  They are so dinky now!
 I popped jump rings through the the holes and added them to my trinket chain on the back of my Journal that I made in Tim and Paula's class, earlier this year.
 I made sure the chandelier hung above the chair as I figured this how it would be in real life...yes I really had that thought as I did this.  Go figure! LOL!