Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What's on your workdesk Wednesday? 114

Oh my word, I have had a long week-end as we had a holiday yesterday and schools were given Monday off so today feels like Monday but is actually Wednesday, so I am feeling all Topsy Turvy...

So here is what has been happening in my world since last Wednesday when we did the great world desk hop hosted by Julia over at Stamping Ground.

I have made a tag with the beautiful serviette I found at a local craft shop.

A few weeks ago, I asked what you all do with the tags you make and I got offers to swap some, I have been rather snowed under with life lately so it took me a while to get to the post office, which I finally did on Monday and received a parcel from Neil yesterday! So here are the tags I got from him! So cool!

I took all my hoarded Tim Holtz stash out their packaging and put it in a clear divided box for easy access and now I am using it (which you can see in the RH tray in the photo below)! I also made a travel box for all my Tim stuff from my Vagabond box as it was too cool to throw away. You can see all the stages of how I made it in my post here!

Then I have also been busy with a clean up of the corner of my desk that seems to gather stuff... (slightly tidier view than last week at the top of this post)

I sorted the pile that was about to slide off the desk...And finally I made a frame with some of the papers that were lurking in that pile... which I have entered in Simon says Stamp and show any Tim Holtz techniqe this week!

Been a creatively busy week for me which has been very good for the soul! I have even done a few other things, but will post more about them later as this is getting to be a very long post!

Now I am off to peruse others desks the world over, have a great WOYWW everyone!



  1. Desk is tidier, but the tag and frame is gorgeous! Great job! I am sure that Tim would be proud! And how cool to recieve a package from Neil! Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing your WOYWW!-Amanda

  2. What a fab post - love all your creations today. That travel box is brilliant and boy could I use it here on my craft starved holiday!
    I also have a Dutch pretties parcel giveaway on my blog today if you fancy some colour!
    Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
    Sarah at 3

  3. Wow lovely tidy space there and I love all your tags! the swap sounds a good idea although I use most of my tags to write little notes on to people or use in an emergency and put them on a card for a quick card if I run out of time to make one! thanks for sharing.

  4. great looking desk and I love the way you have organized all the TH goodies. I finally broke down and took all mine out of their original packaging. Don't know why I hadn't done it before. Love all the tags and the cards. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  5. That's one great box of storage - I love to see things all stashed away neatly. Bit OCD!! Beautiful card too, loved the colours and the sentiment. Have a good week xx

  6. Great desk this week, so glad the tags and keyring arrive ok! Have a lovely week.

  7. Oh Bella what a juicy post full of such goodies and delightfulness!! love the way of organising and of course Neil's tags are super, I am addicted to that elephant it is on my wish list... one day...trouble is we want more than we need, huh?! blessings on your day and thanks for sharing, I love WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

  8. Wow-wonderful tags!! And I love your frame! What a great way to use the paper scraps! Have a great week.

  9. Love those tags! Yours and Neils!
    Looks like you have been very busy this long week end, I got absolutely nothing done LOL
    Happy WOYWW

  10. Finished work at last and let the Chooks out for their evening run. My turn now!!
    Love what you have done with your box - anything recycled is extra points for you!
    Those tags Neil sent you are lovely too. My tags decorate the purlings that run down my room which I covered in cork floor tiles!! Great reference points!

  11. Lovely tags and how lucky to receive tags from Neil! Love the frame too and great use of surplus packaging!

    Brenda 73

  12. Hi Bella... lovely desk with lots of creativity to spy on, both your's and Neil's.
    JoZarty x

  13. Gorgeous tags, and I love the layered papers- what a cool idea. I may have to try this, thanks for sharing, Shaz

  14. thanks for the glimpse. Your tags look fabulous. And your stash looks nice and organized. Have a great day.

  15. Really interesting post - love all the tags and your frame is beautiful - a great way of using up the snippets on your desk. Everything looks nicely organised too. Elizabth x

  16. Can you pop over and organise my shed?? pretty please?? I think I need to take a leaf from your book xx


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