Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Whats on your Workdesk Wednesday 124

I have been very busy planning and prepping and peering into the distance (wishing I had a crystal ball) over the past week as I try to imagine what my mentor and creative genius man Tim Holtz is going to conjure up for his 12 tags of Christmas this year.  The reason for my dilmma is that I am going to Johannesburg to teach them on the 17 December this year, just a mere 5 days after he will have finished them and so I need to get hold of all his new stuff that he released at CHA this year like Picket Fence Distress Stain and Snow Cap alcohol inks as well as his new dies for Sizzix and Stampers Anonomous stamps because I can only imagine that these are going to appear somewhere on his tags...we all know what we are like with new toys on our desks, I can't imagine that he is any different...  They will be the first things he reaches for.  I could be wildly wrong, but at least I will be prepared!

I have now put an extra page with a tab at the top of my blog page called Demo/Class Schedule so you can see where, when and what I am teaching till the end of December.  As I get booked by various shops and venues, I will add them to the list.

On to my desk...

Here you can see the beginnings of my preparation, 50 sheets of cardstock ready to be run through my trusty Vagabond to create all the tags for 20 people in the class.  I will get a small glimpse into Mario's world where he kits up for all of Tims classes, at least I don't have to do the huge quantities he does though!  I really admire him for all his patience and organisational skills.

You will also see that I have found 3 packs of My Minds Eye tinsel ribbon, just in case he uses it on his tags, and even if he doesn't I will!

Underneath my desk you can see the tool box I created from my Vagabonds box so I can transport all my inks and sprays etc to my demos and classes and work straight from the box at home too so I don't have to keep packing and unpacking my stuff!

OK, enough about my desk!  Go on over to Julia's desk at Stamping Ground where you can join in (or not) and look at all the other creative desks on offer for your perusal!


  1. What a great excuse to buy more goodies!!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog, Bella - once I've decided on rates of postage etc. I shall be uploading some stuff to my Etsy store.

    Your teaching programme looks exciting - I wish you well with it. I bought some distress stains at the recent craft show in Exeter, including the Picket Fence one which gives a lovely chalky effect to whatever you put it over.

    I see you've got the same parque flooring that we've got throughout the downstairs in our house! Made me feel quite at home!

    Happy WOYWW.

  3. You're going to be very busy my dear! What fun though. You'll be awesome and they are lucky to have such a wonderful teacher. Still looking for that punch for you, I even have my mother looking...LOL I won't give up until every Walmart in my area has been visited!!!!

  4. Teaching....what a wonderful craft journey! Enjoy!

  5. I think you're right Bella - after all, the name of the game is Product Loading and if it's fresh new product, so much the better!! I love the tinsel ribbon, how nice that is.

  6. Now I wished I lived in SA to get to your classes. I am another TH fanatic and can't wait until he starts his 12 tags for christmas, always brilliant. Love the growing collection on your space.

  7. Rather you than me trying to second guess Timmie! You should email him for advice! Love how you reused the Vagabond box, great idea.

    Brenda 86

  8. You sound as though you are going to be very busy ...hope you get sorted in time.

  9. Oh what fun!! you will have a fantastic time, as will the ladies you'll be teaching and it'll all be worth it in the end, brilliant idea on the storage!!
    Lou P #124

  10. Lol at your comment on my blog, Bella! We are never satisfied, are we... furniture too low, too high... hair too curly, too straight, etc. etc.! Last night I opened my Etsy store! Terrifying pressing the button to start it all off! Still, it's done now and all I can do is sit back and wait...

  11. Hi Bella, me yet again! (wow, 3 comments on one post lol!!) Thanks for your comment on my blog about my Etsy store. It was the postage malarky that put me off, too, but I've discovered a wonderful page on the UK Post Office website which takes you through a process of determining the postage (you enter weight, various measurements etc., where it's to go, if you want proof of delivery etc. etc.) and it ends up with you being able to print off the labels including customs ones, and pay for the postage online! If you weigh the thing, and allow a bit to cover the weight of the packaging, it should be fine. I expect you might have something similar for your PO too - worth a try anyway. Let me know when you get up and running and I'll pop in for a browse!

  12. Good luck on your demo/teaching sessions. I just wish I was a little closer so that I could come.
    I see you have the trusty tag die. It is always on my desk somewhere!!!

  13. I think you are quite right ... TH will be playing with all his new toys so expect them to feature large in his 12 tags. Your box of goodies looks so tempting too. Elizabeth x #55


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