Saturday, 26 November 2011

Before & After - You be the Judge!

Yes this is actually the AFTER shot!

I have been on a clean up mission for the past 2 weeks since I fessed up and showed you all the various piles of stuff, on, under and next to my desk for 'Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday'... hosted by Julia Dunnit over at Stamping Ground.

This post could very well be called 24 hours later...I started this time yesterday (5pm) and worked until 11:30pm and got going again in here at 8:30am this morning!  I have been at it non stop for all this time and it feels (when I look around) like there is not much to show for it, but I will let you be the judge! (Perhaps I should show you a photo of the council dustbin - it might give you an idea as to the volume that has left the room!)

I went through all the finished stuff that was on top of my cubby holes and redistributed it round the house to be more visible.  Brenda had commented this past week that if I put any more stuff on there I would not be able to see out the window, but it is not a view I am to partial to as it is the car port and garage!  Julia was also worried about it all blocking out the light, but I have stunning down lighters above my desk so I don't actually need the window, and I don't know about you, but I am usually crafting in the dead of night so don't need the window light...

I have taken all the stuff off the shelves above my computer, gone through the boxes and repacked everything.



I took everything out from under my desk and put the stuff in the blue carry bag into the blue wheely tote as this is all my demo stuff.  Chucked out the telephone directory's from last year which were on my sewing machine and put the white box of non fire ceramic stuff in my car to go back to my art studio from where it came originally.  The frames to be decorated and altered are still in the big box, only now I tipped the side up and you cant see them!  The white plastic bag of stuff was integrated into my system on Monday already.  The pink spotty tote is new as I was given a gift voucher for my birthday and this is what I got with it as well as some embossing folders, so in theory that space should actually be open as the stuff from there is gone...reality is another thing all together!



I emptied the large deep cupboard next to the  outside door under my desk and put the red box of "wedding" photos, memorabilia items and paper in that cupboard. As well as the large roll of red wrapping paper.

The large deep filing drawer on the right of that has been emptied and has stayed that way as I had hoped to store some of my paper in there, but it is just 1cm too short (that spoiled that plan!).

The pile on top of my shelves to the left of my desk (that only I could reach as I am 6ft tall) has all been taken away as it was really storage for stuff I never used (like the disconnected sound system)  apart from the stamp collection in the clear plastic trays which has remained as I use those and some other stuff off the other piles has joined it...



The view to the left of my desk is now one of boxes on my old bedside tables.  It was an avalanche or 3 waiting to happen, so that has been containerized.

So What Do You Think?

Worth all that time?  I think so as I can now put my inky paw on anything I please and it does have a nicer feel to it, but boy, it has taken me ages to do all of this. BBC makeover programs make it look so easy and this did not even include re-arraigning or painting!

Thanks for looking!



  1. Definitely better, Bella. My scraproom is a hot mess, MUCH worse than yours. The only advantage I have over you is I have a bit of a view--I stare out of the windows a lot, day or night. Wish I could take a day off to scrap &/or "muck out"-- well done.

  2. Looks better, Belinda. When I'm done with cleaning tomorrow i shall take pictures of my scraproom.
    Love from Holland

  3. You've been a busy little bee! It looks wonderful. I really wish I had a dedicated craft space.

    Green with envy.......

  4. OMG, it's tons better - still looks like everything is accessible but much more 'lined up and on parade'. Until you start crafting again, wink! Di xx

  5. Wow- very nice! You're been really working hard!

  6. Great! Now you have your room tidy just in time for me to come over! In my dreams but wouldn't it be good!!

  7. you have been a busy lady, and it all looks spic and span! have me all fired space has also become so over-crowded! I need to tackle it too..


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