Friday, 2 December 2011

Tim Hotz 12 tags of Christmas Tag 1

Well the build up to this tag was nothing short of spectacular on twitter and Face Book done by none other than Mario, the BTS king!  I am in South Africa so all this goes on while I am sleeping...I wake up with this excited feeling every morning now and for the next 10 days!  It is just like being a kid again and waiting with an-tici-pation to see what Santa has brought in the morning.  First thing I do is grab my phone ( to switch off the alarm) and then to go back in time on Twitter and FB to see what I missed.  The great thing is that the tags go "live" every monring at 10am for me, so no all night waiting here!

Here is the first tag, as near as dammit to Tim's.  You can find all the beautifully photographed and explained instructions HERE on Tim's blog if you want to join in.

I don't usually buy anything to do with snow because we don't get snow here in Cape Town, except for on the peaks of the mountains in winter for a while.  I have never personally been in snow, so I rather buy stuff a bit more relevant to our (rather warm) Christmas...Hence I have used the Cuttlebug Christmas ornaments embossing folder instead of the snowflakes!

Oh and the Noel die is not in our country yet, so I hand cut this from a piece of cereal box instead!  Not quite as legeble, but it will do!

My day has been frantically busy, so I am just sitting down now nearly 12 hours after this mornings tag of day 2 has been issued to create it.  I can't wait!



  1. Bella, your tag is stunning and I checked out Tim's too. You are bang on congratulations and nice job! I can't believe you've never been in snow, that's actually kinda cool believe it or not. I love warmer weather so I'm a bit envious!! Snow can be beautiful but can be ugly at the same time. I fear every winter for the unfortunate accidents it causes. I guess you don't miss what you've never had. Have a great weekend!

  2. Nice tag and wow what a great hand cutting you did.

  3. Oh Bella. Fancy not experiencing snow! Another reason for you to come to visit!! Not that we get it that often.
    Fantastic tag though. Well done!! Haven't done 1 but have done 2. I didm't want to be permanently catching up so will try and do 1 and 3 tomorrow!!
    I am going to have to see if I can find you on Twitter.

  4. I love this lots - your take on this tag is fabulous! The bling really pops doesn't it?

  5. Beautiful tag! I love that background you made.

  6. Beautiful job, I love the beads you used, too!


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