Saturday, 25 February 2012

Hope Class

Today I ran the Hope class at the Scrapbook Factory Shop in Salt River where it is purely Tim Holtz techniques and products on a 12"x12" page for students to put up in their home studios or work spaces to inspire them to use these ideas on their Scrapbook pages and cards etc.

What a fun bunch of ladies they were too. (perhaps it had something to do with the champers and orange juice Carolyn served them before we stared?)  I gave them all the same kits and look how different they all came out.  I am afraid I forgot to take a photo of the last two pages to be completed, but here are all the ladies with their finished layouts together.  The one lady swapped her brown paper for pink and it is awesome.

The original one I did is in the top left hand corner and the other 5 are from today's class.


  1. wow you have been a very girl! Everyone has done a grand job lovely canvases!

    kaz x x

  2. Sorry just read that back and forgot to add BUSY!!! doh! Oppps

  3. looks like you had a blast!!! STUNNING kit! I think it is time you came to JBay to teach this! Speak to Lynn........ xx

  4. inspiring Bella... lovely....

  5. Looks like a wonderful and inspiring time! What a gorgeous project as well. Did you design this?

    1. yes this is a page that I designed together with the ones you can see behind my ladies in the top photo.

  6. What a lovely project...I teach mini album classes and it is amazing to see 5 completely different minis emerge from the identical kit!


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