Sunday, 5 February 2012

Paint, Cards and a clean up!

 For an artist, I seem to have a very neat freak tendency...  I spent a good hour or two painting Distress crackle paint on a sheet of stickers and resuscitating the Pine needle jar that was nearly solid...took a while to come right, but after patiently adding small quantities of water and mixing with the back of my pencil, I got it to work.  This was rather annoying as it was a brand new bottle too!  Once they had all dried, I punched out a circle and added it to my jars of paint so that I can see at a glance which is which in my new vintage case that I am using to store all my Timmy stuff in.

Below are the cards I then set about making, using up the left overs from a kit I was working on on Friday with a friend.  One of my students asked me for a two cards, one for a 70 year old gentleman and the other for a Jewish wedding.  I do hope she likes them.  The third card with the bird is just using up scraps.  I am determined not to let them pile up this time, I want to do my layout and then a set of cards for my stash so that I can keep on top of my accumulating piles of pieces of paper...

On to my room of stash:  It was too flipping hot today: 34+degrees Centigrade (sorry to rub that in to my UK friends who might read this, I know you are all freezing...a happy medium would be good) to even begin to think of creating today so  I spent the best part of most of today sorting the "rats nests" as my mother used to call them, that lurk in the corners of my actual workdesk.

Most of the time I can only see a 12"square (if I am lucky) of that A1 green cutting mat at any given time.  I am sure I had a huge clean up when I finished the 12 tags in December, but everything seemed to be exploding everywhere again.  My ribbon box was being stubborn and spewing things out and my die cut box was a landslide looking for somewhere to happen.  So these both got unpacked and re-organised.  Some other shelves got new drawer organizer boxes that I found at a local home store called Mr Price At Home.  All in the name of making my crafting easier.

Now I can't wait to sit down at this pristine place and CREATE!

 I found this blue spice rack (above) that I was going to add some serviette decoupage to some years ago and have decided that it makes a good shelf for all my round storage jars and it fits all my pre-cut and half done tags to the left of me.  On my right I am using the matching serviette dispenser box (below) to house my various bits and bobs that seem to lurk on my desk and vanish when I need them most.  At least now I can move the whole lot out the way quickly if I need to make space on my desk for my latest project instead of the usual shove that causes half the stuff to roll under something  and cause much frustration.

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  1. Hi there, it all looks so lovely and neat! I remember Mt Price well, one of our favourite stores. Your cards are lovely, particularly the last one. I'm staring out at the remains of the snow here and thinking I'll stay indoors today!


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