Sunday, 21 October 2012

MIA due to store opening

Hi guys

Sorry if I have been MIA, but the store opening has taken up so much of my time both day and night!  I am still running my art studio where I teach 6 classes a week and now I will be at our store most Saturdays when I am not teaching at the Scrapbook Factory Store in Salt River.

It has been the most rewarding and exciting thing to participate in and an absolute dream come true.  When Alison asked me to be her partner I really struggled to answer as it seems impossible and yet it has all worked out so well.

Our store opened this past Friday 19 October in the pouring rain and yet people still came to find us and that is also proving to be a bit of a thing to sort out...  We are apparently hard to find...the Garmen sends you to the wrong place if you put Southfield in and we are not really Plumstead...Though the GPS thinks we are!  I am going to have to paint the name on the side of the building too...not just the back wall of the inside of our store as you see me here the night before we opened...
 This was the Tim Holtz stand before I put up the sample tags in the frames.
 Here is the Christmas stand which will change as the seasons do...
This is our sign which went up on Thursday morning.
Here is our store full of our first customers on Friday at our opening.

We even had colour co-ordnated cup cakes on offer for tea!
 I got in on the act and found some turqoise accesories!
 Finally, this is the latest sample piece I have made to inspire our customers!
Thanks for sticking out this photo heavy post.  There was just so much to share.



  1. Hi Bella,

    I love the color of that wall! Your store sign is just beautiful too. I can imagine people just coming in after noticing the sign. The store set up looks great. I really like the inspiration boards that you show customers ideas. Very cool.

    Good luck to you in this new venture. I hope you are able to sort out the GPS nightmare. That happens here in the states also.


  2. Wow, congrats! That is so exciting. Best wishes for great success!!

  3. congrats on this new exciting venture! good luck with it! your store looks so fresh and welcoming!


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