Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Going Coo-coo!

Hello there
I got a bespoke card order for a lady called Gretel who is Swiss.  The request was for a card with a coo-coo clock.  After pondering this idea for a while, I decided to use my birdhouse die by Sizzix and turn it into a 3D card.
I printed a coo-coo clock off the Internet and cut out the bits to stick on the die cut house. I also printed just the pendulum and the weights on the inside of the card onto which I stuck the house after having given it an extra fold down the centre.  
 The house is folded down the centre so that it will collapse when the card is closed.  I only stuck the coo-coo and the clock face to half of the house so that it will flatten out when open.
 Here you can see how the house flattens inside the card as it closes.
 This is another view of the folded house inside the card.

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  1. You clever, talented woman! This is AMAZING. Well done Bella. x

  2. That is amazing. Your mind for working out folds and how it will all work is simply mind blowing. I am sure she will be thrilled to bits with this card.... I signed up for 101 and have played with my first lesson. Having so much fun. Dont know why I waited so long... Oh yes I do I AM A PROCRASTINATOR :D having such fun. He is MIND blowing.... would really love to pay 15 grand to have master class with him :( think Hubby would divorce me for sure :D

  3. Amazing - you are SO clever the way you can see how it will all work & come together - you should have been an engineer ! fab cuckoo clock - sure your Swiss lady is going to adore it ! Hugs Ali x

  4. thanks for stopping by earlier ! hope you see you back blogging soon ! Ali xx

  5. Not sure how I missed this but it is FANTASTIC! I love this Bella! Well done.


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