Wednesday, 4 December 2013

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday 235? Everything and nothing much!

Hello fellow Desker

Today I give you my desk as I left it last night...

How do I always manage to end up working in a 6"x 6" space when I have a full A1 mat of work area?

I finished off my last card order for the year...well that is until someone wakes up at last-minute-dot-com and needs one from me urgently.

Funny how all the card samples I did for the Christmas card class have come in handy when my friends walk in or message me and you have any Christmas cards?  I need a special one for this person or that person...I now have none left of those and I still need to make the ones I am posting which case I better get a wiggle on as the 25th is just round the corner!

Interesting items on my desk is the solar jar light I was given yesterday behind the round gift box I made on my Silhouette and the easel card which is totally out of my comfort zone - all pink and frilly and bright!

Then there is the TH fabric a friend sent me (hanging off one of my drawers) which I am debating as to what to have made with...I am not a sewer...maybe bunting like Lunch Lady Jan made me?  Cushions for my lounge...I debate on...

Thats me...Now to see what you have to show over at Julia's place!



  1. OMG! Your houses are adorable! Love the Advent house! These are what I started out making but the project took a turn! And became a life force of its own. The patterns I started with weren't near as cool as yours! Lucky you a gift of TH fabric...yum! Thanks for the earlier visit! WOYWW hugs! Nan G #13

  2. My what a busy desk! I know what you mean about the space disappearing till you are working in a tiny spot! Story of my desk too ! Just finished my own cards but stacks of Christmas preparations still to be done ! Catch up soon Ali xx

  3. Sounds like you and I are in the same tight spot. However, I haven't made ANY cards, so have no idea what I'm doing. Winging it, I guess. I suspect you'll be finished with yours before I finish mine. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  4. Had to smile Bella!!

    I do the same thing as crowd myslef out with stash reducing as i go on amount to work it..

    ..and well done on the selling of cards very handy huh but then need to make more :D
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

  5. I got a good laugh out of "How do I always manage to end up working in a 6"x6"space" I ALWAYS end up that way too and think 'what the..'!!
    I love your phone that is a clock light...wonderful!! (Although I didn't post last week I had a look around over the weekend and that is how I know what it is)! Thanks for popping by earlier :-). Happy WOYWW.
    Janene #26

  6. Hi, great place as always. Your blog header is cool and festive too.
    I'm sure you'll think of something to do with the TH fabric!
    Neil #61 (ish)

  7. I love your blog header too, gorgeous advent calendar. Isn't it funny how we often end up working in a tiny little spot no matter how big our room is. Love all the things on your desk, great solar light.
    Have a great week.
    Von #32

  8. I just LUV that top picture on your Blog - wonderful :-)
    OK - I give in - what would one put in a 'solar jar' ???? :-D

    HAPPY WOYWW #235

    IKE in Greece #24

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  9. I love that advent house at the top - did you make it? Whats inside? Good luck finding something tod o your fabric
    Famfa 1

  10. Congratulations on filling your orders, but surely this time of year, especially, someone WILL be giving you some last minute orders.

    Pretty much everyone manages to fill their work area up to just that tiny little spot we all need . . .

    #28 this week with Christmas like crazy
    and a free Christmas digi magazine

  11. All I can say is SNAP I have a1 board and work in a 6" square too... Fun isn't it?
    Thanks for the visit already
    Janet @33

  12. Belinda, your new blog banner is AMAZING!! Love the little houses. Thanks for swinging by friday is indeed craft heaven. I had to laugh, I too always end up working in a teeny tiny space :) Cx #31

  13. I love those houses and your advent calendar. They are beautiful. I have 14ft desk, and I craft in 24inch space. #4

  14. 6 x 6.... I say that's a good size, I'm usually perched on the lip of the desk by the end of a session..we all do it, That push back till crammed thing! Like the others, I love the houses, you are a very talented crafter.

  15. my you have been busy as for the 6x6 space im sure its just enough to make a Card in... and wont stop you creating your work area and storage solution very organised. good luck with the fabric bunting sounds like a good idea ..not to difficult ( I imagine as I dont sew either !)thanks for visiting earlier and your kind comment have a great week ahead crafty hugs Andrea #29

  16. Lots of wonderful eye candy on your desk Bella and I just love how organised your drawers are right down to labels telling you what's in them. I so need to do that. It's great that you had lots of orders for cards too. Have a great week! Danie #25

  17. Bella,

    I used to be like that having a teeny tiny space to work in and now i can't cope with it like that. I work out everything i need get the item underway and keep putting away as I go or put it into the away basket. This is really a basket that I keep behind me on the workbench so products can be put away that I am no longer in need of. Hey it works well for me. Good for you creating all those extra cards during workshops and getting them all sold. That really is a feat in itself. Now onto yours for Christmas. I still have to write in mine, love making them but hate writing in them.

    Happy WOYWW & Happy Crafting
    Eliza & Yoda 2

  18. Bella
    I love your houses, they are so beautiful, especially the advent calendar, did you really make that? Very clever lady.
    Thanks for visitng me,
    Chris #29

  19. I've got a real thing for little houses and yours are beautiful, clever you!
    I didn't realise TH did fabric, is it any good? Be brave, have a go at's only straight lines!!!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xx

  20. It doesn't matter where we are or how little room we have, a crafter always gets by... Your little houses are just gorgeous... Hope you have a great week & happy crafting DeDe #8

  21. So much to see! Love the look of the Christmasy!

  22. You your blog!! It looks beautiful and festive and so does your work area. I had to laugh about the shrinking space - I know the phenomenon well! Didn't post this week - too much going on!!

  23. Your Blog looks so pretty and so much crafty stuff on your desk, I like front and center, A cuppa!!
    I'm not crazy about the ecraft, it is awesome for cutting my labels and large simple projects _ I made 350 paper purses last year for a women's event_ but for detail work, it is not good at all. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier! Ginny #18

  24. Fantastic desk space..such creative magic all those droors in the backdrop. You have so many wonderful treasures and colorful that black phone enchanting!
    Happy Creating
    Victoria #92


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