Monday, 6 October 2014

Bells are gonna chime!

 Do you remember the game we used to play using our hands where you link them together and say in a sing song voice:

Here's the door and there's the steeple, open the doors and here's the people?

Well, this card makes me think of that from my childhood!

I invented this card as an order for one of my students a few months back and feel I can blog it now as the couple must have it...
This card is based on the exploding box card that is now everywhere on Pinterest!  The only difference is that the roof folds in instead of out and I have a slot in it  with an opposing tab so that it stays shut!  Here it is above and below flat like as it goes in the envelope.
 This is the back of the church where you can write your message.  I used an Upikit punch to make the roof boarder.
Above is the view through the roof of the couple taking their vows.
 The roof closed.
 The front view of the church.

Side view with the doors open so you can see the people!  I used a Christmas bell ornament for the church bell!


  1. So clever and cute. I'm sure that they loved this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes I remember. I wonder if kids today know that one. Loving it.

  3. What a genius design Belinda! Jenny x

  4. Very clever and I still play that with my grandies.... love the little bell too.

  5. This is gorgeous Bella. So clever too.
    We must skype a new project soon!


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