Saturday, 25 October 2014

CC3 Challenge 13 part 2: Worn cover inside

As part of my CC3 Challenge 4 prize sponsored by Tim and Mario, I received these cool glassine pockets/envelopes.  They are just the right side for a size 8 tag and fit perfectly top to bottom in the cover too!  The only problem with adding them to the inside of my worn cover was if I punched them, they would get holes right where the tag would go inside...

Q brainwave!

I have this die called "tiny tabs and tags"
 I die cut 12 of the circle tabs.
 Then I punched holes in them once I had folded them all.
 Placed them on the ring binder, added glossy accents inside them, then slotted the glassine pocket into them and squished them down!
 Once I had one done, I could take it out the binder and place the next one on top and copy the spacing.
 I added some clear pockets to the front for now...they might be moved to between the pockets so the pockets can act as "dividers".
This is how they look inside the to decide what to store in here and decorate them accordingly!

I have already added the cover to the challenge over at Linda's place, but now I am adding part two for fun, even though the next challenge is up!


  1. Love what you have done on the inside. Very clever binding for the envelopes. Looking forward to seeing them decorated!

  2. Now that's a really clever way to add pockets! Love it! Jenny x


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