Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Signature Issues...Fixed!

I created a signature for myself for the end of each post I write. It automatically adds itself when I hit publish! I did it in about June this year.  Recently I was fiddling (as one does occasionally) with the background/wallpaper for my blog...

Then I noticed that my signature had vanished!

I did nothing there or so I thought!

So...how had I created this signature back in June?  I could not remember!  Thank goodness for GOOGLE!  Yes I Googled "how to create a signature at the end of my blog" and up popped a few suggested sites.  I went to two that required me to use the HTML...all gobledygook to me, so I pushed on and found Code it Pretty  This blog explains how to do it in a way that even I could understand and so my signature was back, only so was the irritating photo background that I had got rid of originally when I lost my signature...they seem to be quietly and inextricably linked by Blogger in the back of beyond in the HTML mess that I do not understand, so I have re-deleted the photo and hopefully I am back in business!

If you need help with your blog, I do suggest you go to this Code it Pretty site.  Not because I get anything from sending you there, but because it helped me and so I would like to pass on the favour and help you if you ever need some blog tweaking advise or help!

Ultimately I am an artist not a techno geek...I just want to create, not waste time setting things up on Blogger!


  1. I always wondered how people did that - the HTML thing leaves me cold too! Thanks for sharing this. Anne x

  2. Thanks for the referral, Bella! <3


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