Sunday, 12 April 2015

Steampunk Goggles

So, I was at the hardware favourite place to be...other than an art shop of course!

I needed some gutter parts for another project and came across these cool things...who knows what they are supposed to do in the real world...I saw them and thought... STEAMPUNK GOGGLES!  Wouldn't you?
The extra bit that looks like it is supposed to go round a pipe, got unseramoniously cut off with a hack saw and the rubber ring popped out and the top prized off.
They then got a goodly dose of copper spray paint.
When they were back on my desk, it amused me that I had managed to find a right and a left by complete flook in the basket that I took them appropriate for goggles! 

I then measured how much leather I would need to cover up the moulded writing in the plastic.
Having cut my leather to shape, I then painted the edges black with black soot distress paint.

and drilled holes for the brads to go through later.
I made a nose piece by folding and gluing the leather over some florest wire and punched holes in each side for the brads.

Having assembled the goggles, I then added some chain to hide the edge of the leather.

Here are some shots of the final piece once I had added the strap and studs for good steampunk measure.

I used acetate packaging for the glass which I aged with alcohol inks.

The foam was cut and added to the back of the goggles so they sit properly on your face, otherwise you just get a partial sideways view and see a bit like what a Chamelion must do on a daily basis!


  1. WOW!!! What a transformation! You are such an amazing artist!

  2. Cool! Great job on altering those. I was thinking those were welding goggles but not sure as welding goggles have tinted glass. All the little extra touches make a big difference. You are the steampunk queen!

  3. I have been smiling since your picture popped up in my reader! Such a genius idea, beautifully executed transformation and a fabulous result. You are one very clever lady! I LOVE these!! Anne xx

  4. I don't know where you get the ideas, and I am impressed at your skills with drills and things... these look great!

  5. You have the best imagination ever and the ability to transform a hardware find into those most awesome steampunk goggles! I love, love them - you really are an amazing artist and thanks for sharing!

  6. How on earth you saw Steampunk Goggles at first amazes me but 'oh em gee' what a transformation. Bella, you are one helluva fantastic mixed media wizard. Fabulous! You should be in the props department on tv. Anybody in Dr Who (or similar) would love these.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  7. How cool & funky are these! You really are proof that inspiration can strike the creative mind from just about anywhere! Clever girl!

  8. I cant say that I would have thought that looking at them BUT I love that you did and how they turned out. I must remember you when I need a fancy dress outfit especially if it is anything steam punk. You rocked these.... xxx

  9. An awesome Bella project. You are certainly a one-of-kind out of the box thinker. Fabulous idea Belinda 😉

  10. Amazing bells ...... I might have been tempted to paint them yellow and blue ...... You know the minions from despicable me ...... I love them..
    Mm that's a thought for the future

  11. BLOWN AWAY!!! These are beyond fabulous! Pinning!

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