Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What's On My Workdesk Wednesday324? Art Journal

Hello Fellow Desker from Julia's Place over at Stamping Ground.

Welcome to organised chaos.  Here you can see 3 things going on.

I purchased the latest available set of distress colours released by Tim called blueprint sketch and tested the various products on a random piece of paper which you can see abandoned behind my coffee mug.

Then on the left of my desk are my flower stamps by Tim lying on top of 100 packets...  This is my latest idea as to how to store my stamps.  I find that with traveling to classes with my stuff, some of the stamps come off their backing sheet and could get lost.  So now I will put each one into a cellophane bags as the folders I had them in are a bit bulky for my drawers.

Front and center you can see me testing colours by Tim (Squeezed lemon and Peacock feathers Distress stain spray) for a background for a journal page.  This is ready for me to demonstrate a technique on at this Saturdays Journal class.

You might be able to tell from this post that I have a slight Tim addiction! LOL!

Lastly, I was sad to see that Janet from Fairy Thoughts has died.  Her last post was May as she had been ill and didn't feel up to blogging.  I wish I lived closer so I could attend her service next Thursday the 27th, but I will be there in mind if not in body.  Blogland is a special place where us creatives have gathered and become friends the world over and the most central of the creative meeting places is at Julia's Stamping Ground where she hosts What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday every week.  I have met such lovely people here in cyberspace and feel devastated every time our band of merry Deskers becomes one less due to illness or death.  May Janet's family know she was loved by many all over the world because of her kind and thoughtful comments she left on our posts.


  1. Hi Belinda, yes sad news of Janets passing - what an amazing thing blogging is and Julia's bring us together as a big crafting family - not meeting doesn't mean it hurts any less. I too am addicted to TH distress inks - those two colours look fabulous together and I'm liking that new blue. Have a great week Cheers RobynO#18

  2. Even though I knew it was imminent, Janet's passing has affected me hugely. She was such an impish personality, full of fun and so generous too....but she hated being overly praised too..couldn't be doing with it.
    I love those new colours. You've been having fun with, but their titles make me laugh so much. The naughty side of me (which is getting larger as I age!) wants to suggest alternative names but I'd better not for fear of being sued!!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  3. A lovely post Bella, and beautiful words on Janet, did not see ealeir than today as haven't been blogging much, am way behind in commenting.
    I love Tim's colours too but dont have much else in his crafty goods wondered what the stains are like? as dont have any stains mainly pads.

    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #29

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  4. Gorgeous colours you have chosen and I am so envious of those flower stamps. Sad news about Janet.
    sandra de @38

  5. Hi Belinda, lovely words there about a lovely lady. Like the colour combo on your page, they work so well together. Don't worry, you are not alone, he's got his hooks into me too. we'll have to start a support group " Hello, my name is Shaz and I'm a TH addict" lol.Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  6. I don't know many (any?) crafters that don't have a Tim addiction of one sort or another - it may be inks only, or stamps only or paper only, but it's one of them for sure! I love the colours too.

    Yes, many of us are feeling the loss of another dear desker this week. The world is a less creative place without Janet, for sure.

    glad to be back ... finally!
    Mary Anne (4)

  7. Hi Bella. Lovely creative desk as always. You know all about my Tim addiction. Yes I heard about losing another crafter and was saddened even though I did not know her. She sounded as If I would have really enjoyed her company. I am not blogging today but just snooping. Peg

  8. A lovely post re Janet. You know Bella, you are so talented so I am wondering what techniques you are working on now - hope we get to see the finished results. We can learn so much from one another.
    Take care - Hugs, Neet 22 xx

  9. Janet was a very special member of the deskers. Somehow it just feels wrong not to see her coming around to visit.
    I am not a Tim addicted yet, just too scared to start I guess. I can not afford another addiction. LOL
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #25

  10. I didn't know Janet and I am so sorry you have lost a friend.
    Love all you "Tim" stuff - I AM an addict! ha ha I can't wait for the new colour to be av to buy. I have just done something similar with my stamps for the same reason. Have a good week. Soojay 23

  11. Hi Belinda, hope we get to see how you finish those pages. Nice words about Janet, it's very sad. Lets hope the family get to see all the words that have been spoken about her passing maybe it will help a little. Wishing you a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 23

  12. I felt like a dunce when I saw that Janet had died. I didn't even know until I went to link at Julia's last night. She was the most wonderful person, even though we lived a pond apart. She sent me a rocking horse rubber stamp I use each year in my WOYWW ATCs. So, this stamp has even MORE meaning now. I hope these dedications help her family understand how much she was loved and how much she will be missed. Happy WOYWW from #2, because technically, it's still Wednesday in my world.

  13. Oh I am so jealous. I need a good inking session just playing! I am a little behind in my new inks too. For some reason they suddenly stopped.
    Ho Hum!!

  14. Yes, it's so sad about Janet. I didn't know her really but it's always sad when someone dies prematurely.
    I can totally understand you TH addiction. I love his products and if I could afford it I would be an addict too. lol.
    Have a good week,

  15. We share that addiction! I love the start of the journal page! With the Smoked Hickory, I've decided to start acquiring the spray stains..They are quick! But I have to say; the Blueprint Sketch hasn't moved me all that much...but it is now vested in the "plan"! LOL!.
    Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend.
    -K #54


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