Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 3 "The Satellite Airship"

This airship came together just about all in one night.  Which is a good thing as they were being hung the next day...  Apparently I work best under pressure!

I had been struggling with ideas for the final airship and then my eyes landed on my broken studio fan that had committed "hara-kiri" off my 6ft cupboard.

I had some large cardboard from a box lying around.  This came under scrutiny next...

I decided to cut the box up and see if it fitted the circumference of the fan cover.  It did!  Bonus!

Then I was wondering how to cover the cardboard to make it look interesting and I decided on my sticky backed foil.  I cut up 50 pieces of foil and my son ran them through my vagabond to earn some pocket money. (gotta love kids who need holiday money!)  I then distressed the foil once it was on the cardboard with black paint just like Tim Holtz industrial technique in his book.  I forgot to put on gloves and came off second best!

I used the left over electrical conduit and florist wire to hold the whole thing together.

Mostly when I purchase stuff at stores, I have a plan for it.  I very seldom buy random stuff.  This seems to fascinate people when they look at the items I buy.  I see past the gaudy colours of the plastic and know in my minds eye what I will do to it to make it look just how I need it to.

At some stage while trawling the second hand stores for stuff, I came home with a giant Christmas tree ball, it must have been from a mall or something as it would never fit on my normal sized tree!  It was my magpie moment (cos for once I had no idea how I was going to use it, but NEEDED it) and I am so glad I had it cos at 1am when I was "shopping my stash" for stuff to use on my airship, this came in useful for the nose area.

The tail cone was from the car part store in China Town.  I had removed the inside for another part of the project and only had the shell left which had been given a good dose of copper spray paint...below is its original state with the match box for scale.

It was perfect for finishing off the tail area.  Dry wall screws with florists wire make for brilliant finishing touches too.

To make the nose and tail cone areas look better I made cones out of fake tread plate.  It is in fact sticky backed stuff on a roll that you buy at the hardware store for covering shelves etc.


  1. Wow! Your creations are beyond amazing!

  2. I am not sure I even want to know how your mind works... but it is pretty freaking amazing. I think I will have to make a special visit to see this place when it is all done. :D


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