Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 Canvas

Ok, so Tim says in the last class that we should challenge ourselves to take a technique and tweak it or use it on a different surface...

Well, I took a whole lot of techniques and used them all on a canvas!

I combined distress crayon smudge, distress crayon blended background, distress layered collage, texture paste coloring and texture paste embossing all together!

This tried my patience on every level cos it has to dry naturally at times and even though the sun was shining, it took a few days to construct the base layers...

I did however take a feather out of Tim's cap and just went with the flow... I had no real plan and just played.

It was so nourishing for the soul.

Thanks to Tim for all the information he packs into his classes, I always come away feeling uplifted and excited to try the new techniques.  I wish school had been this much fun!


  1. Just been to the gallery for day 6 to add my creation and saw this - it fantastic - really stands out - Love it!
    Lynn x

  2. Thank you so much such a wonderful compliment, you really made my day!


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