Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Steam Restaurant part 10 "Library room exposed brick wall"

Having made the diving bell and gotten the electronic board, I found a kids water squirting back pack which looked like mini air tanks.  I took them apart and spray painted them copper!

This is what my back yard had going on in it on any given day when the sun shon!
Below is the diving board

Again, the plan I had laid out in my car port above, had to be changed on the job as the big fire hydrant handles could not be accommodated by the fragile wall as well as the two tall items which I wanted for dimension to come out of the wall.  I replaced them with some more gauges.
Here is the whole exposed brick story.  The sign on the wall says "Notice to all diving bell users, please leave your personal belongings on the hooks provided"

  I attached these to the electronic diving board and piped it round to where the diving bell sits high up on the library shelf.
The rest of the wall is pipework and fake gauges as well as three hooks for the divers hat, goggles and ray gun.  The three hooters were meant for kids bikes, I just thought they were quite fun all in a row like this.  They were of course a gazillion shades of brightly coloured plastic all spray painted copper.

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