Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Steam Restaurant part 11 " The clock room"

This room originally had lots of mirrors on the wall.  The painters removed all the nails so I had a blank "canvas" to work with...
My idea was to put pipe work between the mirrors which you see in these before photos above and below.
The owner had asked me to make cogs to go on the ceiling, so I did!
Then the idea of making it "the clock room" came about and I made a half a giant clock to go up against the ceiling.
I used two sheets of foam core to cut 1/4 circles out of and butted them up together.  Sprayed them copper and added the stamp work.  I cut the numbers and the clock hands from the left over foam core and painted them black.

I then added my fake rust round the edges of the clock.
Here it is at the start of the wall
Then I added the mirrors back as well as some pipe work
I decided to combine the cogs on the ceiling and the stamp work I had done on the clock, almost as though the clock is "exploding" onto the ceiling.
Finally I added stamp work around the mirror on the far wall to integrate it into the rest of the room.
I had found the telephone clock at a local interior decor store and added cogs to the numbers as well as the airplane clock to which I added the giant cog. 

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  1. Am awestruck about what you did for the restaurant. I love every piece of it. And it is great that you show from what parts you have made the airships, clocks etc. I think you are a great (steampunk)artist.


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