Sunday, 14 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 15 " Suitcase shelves"

Originally the plan for the suitcase shelves was to put them in the bar which would go with the travel theme in that room.

Then we realised that this was not practical at all.  Firstly the old cases were not all flat on top and secondly they took up too much volume of space on the wall in their depth.

So that idea got canned and normal shelves got put up in the bar.

We did not want to loose the idea of the suitcases as shelves and so decided to add them to the wall in the library room where I was going to do floating books as shelves.  We swapped the one idea for the other and my dear hubby made me the shelves to go inside the cases and chopped the cases in half as well as put them up on the wall in a random design for me.  He really is a keeper!
This was the before photo with books falling off the it was when they purchased the restaurant!

 You can even see my tables in this shot! 

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