Monday, 15 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 16 " Cog light fitting orbs"

It would seem that some things come to try us.  These light fittings were one of "those" things...
 The alcove is mosaic-ed with mirror, so the reflection is really great.
I took the plastic fitting out off the metal container which was used to make the "satellite dishes" on the the 7m wall.

I die cut a whole lot of cogs from sticky backed foil and stuck them onto the fitting.  They started peeling off after a while, so I covered the whole thing in a layer of clear glue for plastic, which acted like a varnish and held all the cogs on.

This looked great to begin with and then the lights were installed.

Horror of horrors.... the glue started to peel off and lift!  Q freak out!

So I brought them home again and scraped the whole lot off, sanded the plastic and started again!  Oh my Hat!  Theses silly light fittings cost me hours and hours and hours of work for not much remuneration cos I cant charge twice as it was my problem to fix!  They take about 6 hours to complete if you include the die cutting and sticking time, so multiply that by 2 and then again by 2 and add 4 hours to that for taking it all off... that is a lot of man hours...

In the end they look stunning again and I am happy to have my name attached to them.  Here is one of them on my desk as I finished it.


  1. Wow, they turned out great. Way to go with your persistence and patience!

  2. nice light and perfect match for the restaurant


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