Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Steam Restaurant Part 17 "The final over View"

Steam is opening its doors this coming Friday...

Here is a sneak peek at the decor that will greet you...

 The Library room above and below.

 My diving bell above and the mini of mini airships below.
The lazer work that I added my stamp designs to.

 The radio Room with Mr Wildebeest.
 The Clock Room.

 The upstairs bar below.
 The entrance hall alcoves with my light fittings.
The bar off the Travel room/Map room. They will be serving TRUTH coffee...
 Bokkie in the Travel room.


  1. Stunning! Nice to see it all together after the long journey.

  2. Amazing work! Congratulations!

  3. Wish you were here in Victoria, BC. I think "Steam" would do well here. Great decor!!!! Great job and your rewards will be plenty of customers!!! WOW. Amazing.

  4. The Restaurant looks truly Awesome.....

  5. What a talent you are. Your projects are amazing, and, I loved all of your posts showing your processes. Thank you.

  6. Oh Bella!!! No wonder you've not been around in cyberspace recently.. what an amazing project, love the finished look (those lights are Da Bizz!! ) you clever clever lady.

  7. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the posts on your creations for this shop...just an amazing WOW!!! Your creativity and persistence on making it perfect totally shows, and this is more than impressive! I'm blown away at the things you put together and altered to come up with the finished pieces for sure...you are amazing! Congrats to you and to them!

  8. very, very nice work. it's wonderful !!!

  9. Absolutely amazing... what a great job in styling.

  10. Fantastic, love it all. You have done a brilliant job. All you need now are a few Steampunkers to finish the scene.


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