Sunday, 7 August 2016

Steam Restaurant part 8 "Travel room - exposed brick wall"

When they purchased the restaurant, there were already two areas where the plaster was removed to expose the old brickwork underneath.

I had suggested pipework in the exposed brick area to look like this is what was found when they did the renovation.

When I was scouring the scrap yards I found this bicycle wheel and an old trolley wheel which I decided would work well as a penny farthing.
I then set about adding this to my pipework idea for the exposed brick area as this room had a travel theme.
The photo above was taken late one night in my car port.  I demarcated the size of the exposed brick area with white pipework and then set about designing what was going to happen inside it.
Little did we know how fragile the bricks and "mortar" were.  They crumbled if you just looked at them funny.  This picture is of my dear hubby helping me to install my creation.  Eventually it got to a point where it was a case of "find a reasonable looking brick and drill that one, then decide what was going onto it!"  So it turned out almost like my original, just with a few small tweaks. 
 The giant heavy fire hydrant handles (in the photo of my layout) had to be exchanged for smaller ones as the wall would never have stood up to the drilling required for the thick bolts to hold the heavy ones.  They then got moved into the upstairs design which you will see in a few days.  Nothing like designing on the job!

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