Monday, 8 August 2016

Steam Restaurant part 9 "Diving Bell"

While doing my usual trawl of Pinterest, I came across a diving bell image and decided it would be fun to make one too.
I got two punch bowls, some air conditioning ducting and a kids ring toss game as well as a huge funnel to use as my base.
I glued the two bowls together and covered them with embossed sticky backed foil and distressed it with black paint.
I then added the game rings which had been sprayed copper together with some Console Jam jar lids for the windows.

I then made him a collar with some foam sheeting.  It is like thick craft foam, my hubby had it in his garage and said I could use it.  I cut a hole in it for his neck to stick through and used the sticky backed foil to cover it all to match his "head".
Then the collar needed some edging...
The collar edge is made from the kids foam puzzle mats.  The large rivets are actually giant paper brads (split pins) which I pushed into the foam, then sprayed the whole thing copper and distressed it with black paint.

This is the stash of stuff I got at the Rope Shop.  A lot of it got used for the airships,but the large ring was what I used below as his face window.  I found some wingnuts at my Mica Hardware store and glued them in place with a split pin for decoration!  I used the alcohol inks for the distressing of the plastic insert and the copper spray paint.  I glued a strip of the same foam as the collar to the edge of the window so that it had some depth.  I added normal sized split pins or brads to this for texture and to match the collar.
I mixed some black paint in with the decor adhesive and glued the rings in place so you did not see any gaps.  Here he is as "nearly headless Nick" from Harry potter...

This guy then set the theme for the exposed brick wall in the Library room as I had found an interesting electronic board at the junk yard which had "speak to diver 1 and 2" printed on it which obviously had come off a boat....

 I then piped the artwork from the board, through some "air tanks" across to the shelves and into the diving bell.
More about the exposed wall in part 10 tomorrow!

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