Sunday, 17 September 2017

The puppeteers and their Diver

I was inspired by the French Giant Marrionettes by Royal de Luxe who have a giant vintage diver as part of their set of giant puppets.
I started with an articulated drawing person.

found some 1/35 scale army men at my local hobby shop and painted them all silver.
I then 3D printed a helmet, gloves, boots and a buckle for the diver.
 The collar for the helmet is made from craft foam and toilet roll!
I got out my sewing machine and made him a little suit which I then died with Tim Holtz Walnut stain distress spray. I crunched the fabric in the appropriate places and let it dry like that, this way it dries light and dark and keeps the impression of the folds.
I sprayed the 3D printed stuff silver and then used black paint on them to distress them and to show up the details.  along the lines of Tim's painted industrial technique.
I then glued the men and diver to the base and added their rods to manipulate him.  These are florist wire.



  1. You are the queen of steampunk! Another wonderful make! Is this one going on display?

    1. Thank you. Yes this is also going in one of the "pods" in Truth Coffee!

  2. This is mindblowing. My dad dove in a suit like this. It looks so realistic!!

  3. Belinda I admire your creativity so much. I enjoyed so much the other project you shared : Mind blow with the wig head. And today another amazing creation from you. Thos is mind blowing as well. I just LIVE what you made. FANTASTIC. piece of art !
    Can I ask if you do buy a bag of plastic soldiers, cut off the weapons before painting them ? And you are so lucky to have a 3 D printer. I wonder how to make his helmet ( if I decided on trying my hand on this fabulous project ). Gosh you do inspire me with your creativity. Thank you so much for sharing !!!!!
    Hugs from Monica

  4. Oh my goodness, this is incredible, a real piece of artistic genius! Your creativity never ceases to amaze. I love the boot but the helmet - wow - totally brilliant!! Anne xx

  5. True genius Belinda. You clever lady this is amazing. Have you seen my Steampunk photographs from the Festival, they may be useful for you. I have included the link:
    Angela xXx

  6. WOW! I have no words for you. Your stuff is just mind blowing :D

  7. I so enjoyed reading this post and about your process. This is an amazing sculpture! You are quite gifted. :) Hugs, Autumn


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